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Our baby girl

Jan 04, 2010 - 9 comments

On July 27 I went into my ultrasound thinking everything was going to be ok it was my 18week ultrasound,only to find out that my little girl passed away at 13 weeks 8 days.When I went to the doctor she was very surprised to here about it and revered me to another doctor to get a D&E I had to Wait 2more weeks before I got in to see them and have the procedure done.The entire time my belly was still growing and everyone was congratulating me on being pregnant.It was the hardest and longest two weeks of my life.
Also my husband had a vasectomy done because we thought we had our 6th like he wanted and now we regret having the procedure done.
Now we can only pray that it didn't take and by some miracle we become pregnant one more time.

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by julianovak, Jan 04, 2010
OOOHH MY GOODNESS!!!! that is so sad!!! i am so very sorry about your little girl!!!!!!!! WOW, may God bless your family, im sure everyone is heartbroken!!!! I cant even imagine how it would be!!!!  I wish you the best!!!!

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by alina4, Jan 05, 2010
I am sorry for the loss of your baby and my sister went thru this too and had to carry her child for almost 6 weeks before she went into labor, but all the while knowing it had died. I just want to say that God blessed you with 5 other lives and please take a look at this world we live in and the world your children will live in after you are gone. Am I correct to say that it is more difficult to earn a living and that it's a reality about our crime rates going up and terrorist attacks always a possibility not to mention our natural resources will oneday be depleted if everyone wanted more than a few children. I don't mean to be cruel and I don't believe to abortion nor will I judge you or others for their decisions in life. I'm just curious about why the number#6 that your husband wanted and won't it give you and he less time to be a couple and have needed time for each other lrt alone the five you have? alina4

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by turkee23, Jan 05, 2010
i am so sorry..... god is good  just keep the faith

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by babegirlisa5, Jan 05, 2010
My children are very well mannered,very loving and are in a lot of activities.We have no worries about them turning into bad people when they get older.As for my Husband and myself we have date nights 2 times a month(my mother comes and spends time with the kids while we go out)Our lives are very scheduled and everyone gets alone fantastic.There is no jealousy at all in my house.My 2 oldest were quite upset about the baby we lost and keep asking if we are gonna have another soon.As for financing them as long as you now how to shop very well it really isn't that much,go where the sales are,If anything my children are quite spoiled they have more then what some kids from single families have.
My husband is from a family of 7 and they were not all raised together,he always wanted 6 children to show them how great life could be in a big family.I would not change a thing if I had the chance to do this all over again,I have never believed in abortion and would never consider it.

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by Ready_4_Baby_2, Jan 05, 2010
Im so sorry...I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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by peterjl, Jan 05, 2010
I'm so sorry for your loss- I lost my son at 16 wks 2yrs ago, so I know how difficult it is.  We have 3 children and I have always wanted another.  I finally after almost 2yrs of trying- am 10 wks pregnant.  I think children are a blessing and am very excited about having 1 more.  Please send me a note anytime if you need anything.

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by Victoria01, Jan 05, 2010
I am so sorry for your loss and I will pray that God blesses you with baby number 6. There is nothing more important than family and it sounds like you have a wonderful one. God bless you and I'm sure you will eventually get your little miracle.

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by smr08, Jan 05, 2010
I'm so sorry for the loss of you precious little girl. I to lost my son at 18 weeks, same situation, went for my routine check up and they could not find a h/b, had an u/s moments later to confirm my worst nightmare, the sad thing was that he was moving the night before so I never expected it. They got me in the following morning to induce me so there was no chance of infection, I can't believe they made you wait 2 weeks! It sounds as though you have a beautiful family, and I will pray for all of you.                               Lori

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by babyhope8, Jan 05, 2010
Reading your journal just brought tears to my eyes...I am so sorry for you loss. I know how painful it is I was in the hospital for a week b4 it happend so we were concious that my bag of water would break (since it was buldging) and that would give us less hope yet when it did happen it was as painful as if they had just let me know he had passed away. I was very glad to find this site where I found amazing women with many diffrent story yet in one way or another we all understand the pain of lossing our little angels.....I will pray for a miracle for all of us

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