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Gym went... better today

Jan 04, 2010 - 2 comments

I've been having trouble with my heart acting kind of funny since an ablation for WPW back in early November. I started going back to the gym about four weeks after the procedure, and my HR would take a long time to come back down. An hour after working out, my HR would still be in the 90's. 2-3 hours later maybe 80. It really wouldn't get back down to my normal resting rate of ~60 until the next morning. Sleeping could be difficult with my heart still going a bit faster than usual.

Anyway, my last workout before taking some time off for the holidays was on 12/23, and I had the same problem. Today I was back at work and so I figured I'd get back to the gym and hope for the best. I haven't been working out too hard because of this issue, but I did do about 20 minutes on the X-trainer thing at a moderate resistance. I think I got my HR gradually up to about 130. After first returning to my office my HR was about 80, and an hour later it was down in the low 60's. I think that's a good sign! Tomorrow maybe I'll push a bit harder and see how it goes.

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1137980 tn?1281285446
by cindy707, Jan 05, 2010
You rock it....just listen to your body and remember if you feel a pinching type of feeling around your heart to back off a little bit while you work out.  It is an indicator that you are testing the waters with the healing process which we both know takes up to 6 months.....i don't know you personally but want to say after our posts that i am proud of you and that you did sit on the edge of the cliff and pushed and look at the great outcome.  Good luck during your next workout!!!!!

1140055 tn?1264056251
by LBBBguy, Jan 07, 2010
Thanks for the encouragement, Cindy. You know we're practically neighbors? I'm in Berkeley. ;-)

I went yesterday and pushed it a bit harder, and it was pretty good. HR stayed a bit more elevated afterward than on Monday, but then I worked harder, too. It maybe wasn't quite what I would describe as feeling "normal", but it was notably better than back in December.

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