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Trying something new.......

Jan 06, 2010 - 10 comments

I am going to buy some baby asprin and buy some ovulation predictors and see what happens...I know for a fact I am going to get pregnant this year....I know it ..I feel it ...and I just am so sure!!!!!!!     Then about 4 months from now I will get on clomid....and see what that will do for me....and then from there on....I will get pregnant no IF ANDS OR BUTS OR ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEP YEP  NOW IS THERE A WEBSITE THAT SELLS OVULATION PREDICTORS  FOR CHEAP

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924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 06, 2010
I used the OPK's and the first month i used them i got my BFP.... There are a few websites and you can get them for less than a $1 a piece.  Sending you tons of baby dust girl!!! Love the postive attitude. Its the best way to be.....


1024452 tn?1323708817
by 1angelbabyM, Jan 06, 2010
I got mine from earlypregnancytests (dot) com...(since we can't type links), they work very well!!  Good luck to you and I have a feeling this is my year too!!  SSBD!!

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 06, 2010
LOL, that where i got mine. and i got the kit so it comes with a few POAS's

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Jan 06, 2010
Good luck hon...I feel it for you to.

582963 tn?1483452520
by LIL_LADY24, Jan 06, 2010
awww thanks yall so so sos so sos os much!!!!!!!!!!!  

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by lovemykids465, Jan 06, 2010
Hope it works for you. I did clomid too but no results so they gave me an injection  ( can't remember the name) said it would take a few injections to work and I was prego right away. Same thing the second time. Good Luck.

996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Jan 06, 2010
hope you do!!! keep trying it will all work out!!

1150481 tn?1270490136
by berrykkiss, Jan 06, 2010
Wish u all the best hope we all get our BFPs soon

1024452 tn?1323708817
by 1angelbabyM, Jan 06, 2010
LOL Princess!!  I got the kit too, it was like 20 OPKs and like 10 Pregnacy tests for like $20.00 (or something like that)...great deal!

933846 tn?1353452448
by Ready_4_Baby_2, Jan 06, 2010
Good for you. The test from the dollar store works.

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