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Study Finds Prayers Helped Women Get Pregnant
Study Says Prayer Helps Women Get Pregnant
By Dr. Tim Johnson
N E W   Y O R K, Oct. 4  
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This week, researchers at Columbia University and Cha Hospital of Korea have hesitantly stoked the fires of medicine, theology, and philosophy with an article reporting that women undergoing in vitro fertilization had higher rates of pregnancy when groups of strangers anonymously prayed for them.

Indeed, it would be a truly wonderful and life-altering phenomenon if scientists discovered that prayer alone could help us bear children or cure disease.

In fact, both self-prayer and the direct support of a religious community have been shown to improve health. Doctors and researchers speculate these religious factors influence mental and physical health by altering brain function, shifting hormone levels and boosting the immune system.

Most physicians however, remain skeptical of the curative powers of anonymous prayer.

The Study

Researchers at Columbia University conducted the study with 199 women at an in vitro fertilization clinic in Korea. Unknown to the patients and their doctors, groups of strangers from the US, Canada, and Australia were asked to pray for their success in getting pregnant.

Pictures of patients in the test group were sent to the people praying when the women began hormone treatment and prayer continued for the next three weeks. No one knew which group was which until the three weeks was up.

The patients in the study were all undergoing in vitro fertilization, an assisted reproduction technique in which a man's sperm, and a woman's egg are combined in a laboratory dish, where fertilization occurs. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the uterus to develop naturally. According to the latest statistics from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the success rate of in vitro fertilization averages 22.8 percent live births per egg retrieval.

To the surprise of the researchers, the women who were prayed for ended up with a significantly higher pregnancy rate than those who were not prayed for. "About 50 percent got pregnant in the prayer group and about 26 percent in the non-prayer group," the lead author of the report, Dr. Roger A. Lobo, Columbia's chairman of obstetrics and gynecology said on Good Morning America. The study appears in the current Journal of Reproductive Medicine.

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582963 tn?1483452520
by LIL_LADY24, Jan 06, 2010

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by julianovak, Jan 06, 2010
i second your opinion, so strange how ppl are just realizing this................... God gives life............... duh!

1121273 tn?1325367975
by k10road, Jan 06, 2010
I third that!

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Jan 06, 2010
If only we realized the true power of prayer how different this world may be! I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in miracles. I've seen it in my own family. Good reminder! Good journal. :)

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Jan 06, 2010
I pray that Lori reads this post and is Inspired to not surrender to our adversary by giving up. Never, Never, Never, give up!!!! Give Up Prayer To GOD by developing True Faith and Inspiration by Praying and Believing "without agenda" the only agenda should be your True Faith in GOD "Our Creator" and His Miracles!!!!  <3 jimi (little wing =0) <3

518031 tn?1295575374
by jollyman069, Jan 06, 2010
to some of us this is not surprising.....we know that all life begins with God......and that life is sucha precious gift that He gives us...praise God

1083673 tn?1388888638
by Tiffiepooh, Jan 06, 2010
I agree. Duh God is the one who makes every living thing. I hope all who read this will pray for all those women out there htat are trying to get pregnant though they dont know it or you dont know them it would be great. I hope God blesses you all! Good luck TTC.

611149 tn?1540336138
by Preciouspg, Jan 06, 2010
'PRAISE THE LORD ALMIGHTY GOD!!!...That All Things Are Possible Through Him!...May He Bless Us With What We Need And Desire...Amen!

582963 tn?1483452520
by LIL_LADY24, Jan 07, 2010

Avatar universal
by mothertobe2012, Sep 17, 2012
I had my tubes tied when I was young after giving birth to 2 kids.  I did not want to have any more kids and not married.  Finally got married and now I can not conceive. My prayer is to   and have a healthy child for my husband. This is what my marriage and life is missing.  My husband and I want to have a baby.  Please pray for Mr. and Mrs. John Robert

4055107 tn?1349374436
by atf2013, Oct 04, 2012
I believe that if you THANK God in advance for what  your heart desire he will bless you with it. The key is not trying to help God do his job. Just because "man" tied your tubes, doesn't mean God can't untie them! I had my tubes tied 11 1/2 years ago after my divorce and birth of my third child, a daughter. My daughter was an answered prayer. The first two children are sons. I wanted a little girl so bad. I thanked God in advance for her and he blessed me with her. I had my tubes tied because I didn't think I would ever be in another relationship and I prided myself on all my children having the same father. Fast forward to the present. I've met the man of my dreams and he has no children. I researched having my tubes tied until the day God put it on my heart that the procedure would not be necessary. He told me to trust him. I thanked him in advance and stopped researching and stressing. Not even a doctor can tell me I can't have a baby! God has already shown me anything is possible. I know if we plan to have a baby it's not going to happen because that's like helping God do his work. We're enjoying each other and letting God do the rest. I have put it out in the universe that we WILL have a healthy child of our own. I pray that every women on this link has thier prayer answered soon. Just remember to have total faith and let God do the rest. I'm looking forward to updating you all soon on our answered prayer :) Have a great day!

4245230 tn?1351629678
by kittybugg, Oct 30, 2012
I was married to an abusive man which I had 3 kids with and did not want anymore with him so I had my tubes tied. I wish now that I wouldn't have but at the time it was the best decision for my situation. I had to let my mom take my kids because of this man and the abuse I endured on a daily basis for 8 years. I divorced him and spent 2 years alone getting my life back together. I have now been with my fiance for 3 very wonderful years and we now want a child together. He has a son with his exwife but we wish to have one together. We knew eachother for 13 years before we started dating and have now been together for the last 3. I pray every night that god will bless us with a child together. I get discouraged and start feeling worthless and start trying to figure out how we can afford to have the tubal reversal surgery but it just isn't in our budget at this time. after reading this I will continue my prayers and hope that my friends will say a prayer for us too. I hope that I can someday say that god answered my prayers. GOD IS AMAZING AND KNOWS WHAT WE NEED AND WILL ALWAYS ANSWER IN SOME WAY!

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