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just an update

Apr 17, 2015 - 6 comments

Tonight we are going over to Corey's house and he's making us dinner.
Saturday afternoon I'm going to walk Ri with her bike down to the Detroit River so she can ride her bike.
Sunday she has a friends birthday party, and then after dinner I go get my hair done. Same length, just getting a 'body perm' to make my hair ALL wavy instead of just the back, underneath haha.
Trying to make it as low maintenance as I can before baby gets here :)
And then Monday we finally get to see if it's a Callie or a Dawson dancing around in there! :)
Corey put his hand on my tummy last night and right away baby kicked lol. He said they were saying 'get his hands off me, he stinks!' 'cause he works on a pig farm, lol.
You get use to it though ;p
Things are going well with us. I don't like going there because then when I come 'home' to my apartment, I just feel like it's temporary... Like, I have 2 boxes of clothes I COULD unpack, but I don't want to?
Riley asked him at dinner if we were still going to get married, lol. Caught us both really off guard... Like, my mom walking in on me and a boy or something. We were both like, uhhh :| and Corey said 'that's up to grandma' (my mom, who obviously - with good reason - hates him now) lol.
She knows we're seeing eachother. But I've kind of distanced myself and Riley from her. She was becoming very overbearing and trying to manage things with Corey, and work, and Dr appts and her... it was her that I needed to cut back on.
Don't get me wrong, I love my mom... but she shouldn't need to talk to my kid 3x a week or see her EVERY weekend... Like, I love getting a break - but I don't like how immature she is about it when I am too busy throughout the week to have Riley sit and talk to her on the phone every other day. She'll send me nasty texts like the one I got the other day 'Real nice. So glad we got to talk to OUR granddaughter this weekend, don't know what we did to have you keep us from her'... when that's not the case. I have my own life which she clearly doesn't understand. Even if me and Corey WERENT together, I would still be taking a step back.
It has nothing to do with keeping Riley from her, it has to do with by the time I get home from work, its 5:40. Make dinner and eat it's at least 6/630. By the time Riley is done eating it's 7pm. And I try to get her to bed while it's still light out or she throws a fit because of how dark it is in her room (but yet the kid sleeps with the effing blankets over her head??), so bedtime is by 7:30 the latest, add in a shower or bath if she needs one (because in the AM it's too rushed and takes 20m for water to heat up), and that's legitimately like no free time.
I've explained all this to her and she thinks that her not talking to her, or seeing her every week, she's (Riley's) going to think they like, abandoned her or that she will forget them or something retarded. lol.
On a side note, I'm slowly gaining weight. Which is a good and bad thing haha. Good thing because that means baby is doing well, bad thing because I don't want to get fat :( lol

I hope you ladies have an amazing weekend!!! :)

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296076 tn?1371334474
by melimeli, Apr 17, 2015
can you get a perm while prey?  is it safe?

Avatar universal
by ribaby15, Apr 17, 2015

Is it safe to get a perm during pregnancy?

Catherine Lynch

We've all seen pregnant hairdressers working in the salon and they seem to do okay. It's not so much that getting the perm is a problem for health reasons. It's that your hair isn't going to respond in a predictable manner when you're pregnant. The hormones of pregnancy change the composition and texture of your hair. So the perm may or may not hold.

Jennifer R. Niebyl

What little evidence there is indicates that getting a perm or chemically straightening your hair is no cause for concern. The fumes might be annoying, but the exposure probably isn't significant enough to have any effect on your baby. Some hair-processing solutions may use solvents, and while there is concern about the effects of solvents on a developing baby, that's most likely an issue only for women who work around solvents all day and develop symptoms from the exposure.


As long as I'm in a well ventilated area (which is her house and depending the weather Sunday I am sure windows will be open) it's more so my hair not TAKING to the perm.

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by ribaby15, Apr 17, 2015
Everything I've read online about perms is mostly about your hair not taking it. And my hair dresser is a good friend, who knows about my history of miscarriage, so I'd assume with that knowledge - if there was any cause for concern, she wouldn't have booked me for the appointment :)

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Apr 17, 2015
I colored my hair through all three pregnancies. It's totally safe. I'd just make sure the salon is well ventilated as the fumes from a perm would be a bit harsh. Other than that, you're totally fine!

It sounds like your mom is having control issues. You can't change her behavior but you can change yours. Just keep sticking to your guns and explain to her (over and over) that you are VERY busy during the week and that keeping a routine for Riley - especially given the recent changes - is very important for her to feel safe. It's not that you don't WANT her to have contact with Riley, you just can't sacrifice Riley's needs for hers. I would word it something like 'Riley get SO excited when she talks to you that it takes me almost an hour to get her settled back down and ready for bed. The next morning she's so overtired!' That way you're highlighting Riley's interest in grandma while reenforcing how it's in Riley's best interest to keep a set routine, especially during the week. Once you make it about Riley and not about you or her, she'll probably back off a bit.

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by ribaby15, Apr 17, 2015
I just feel like she's her dad or something. Like I constantly need to update her on stuff and have her in contact with her. It's irritating :S lol
And she knows how excited she gets. Last yr / the yr before - I couldn't have her talk to Riley on the phone at all because after they got done talking, she'd cry because she wanted to go there. And if she DID go there, she'd cry when I'd pick her up...

296076 tn?1371334474
by melimeli, Apr 17, 2015
remember your daughter will give you as much contact with your future grandchild as you show her an example of now

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