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TMI. picture. mucous plug?

Apr 18, 2015 - 12 comments



mucous plug

Ugh. OK so I felt wet down there and put my hand in my pants to see what it was and yeah.... This got stuck to my fingers. Its a bit more cloudy than what came out yesterday. But yeah, I don't know what to do.

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by ribaby15, Apr 18, 2015
Still no cramping and baby is kicking away. But I'm getting nervous

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by KTowne, Apr 18, 2015
yeah that looks just like how mine looked and it got darker the more it came out. But I would def. keep an eye on it if its coming out a lot, by a lot I mean like more and more, because it can regenerate so I wouldn't stress too bad unless you're showing other signs of issues.

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by ribaby15, Apr 18, 2015
Yeah. I'm going to try to rest tomorrow. I had a busy week at work and was running around a bit too.  Had lots of plans tomorrow but I think I'm going to try to play it safe :(

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by renae176, Apr 18, 2015
Id go to the Doctor right away just to be safe, I dont know what it is, But just to make sure everything is good,

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by veronica0808, Apr 18, 2015
Thats what i had a few weeks ago.. Remember that i was very concerned? It was exactly 3 weeks ago, so i believe if it doesnt have blood or bad cramps its ok.

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by ribaby15, Apr 18, 2015
This was a lot last night V . like from my vag to toilet water it hung. Then a little goop on to this morning and then this mess tonight. I have afternoon Monday off so I will watch it and then possibly see my MW.

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by krichar, Apr 18, 2015
I've had the same thing and its normal apparently... I asked my dr right away. As long as no blood or itching and foul smell... It could be remainders of your yeast infection (I remember you saying you had one recently right?)

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by ribaby15, Apr 19, 2015
Thats the thing. I thought I had a uti. Went to Dr and he put me on amoxacillon because my urine came back that there was an infection. But because it was a Sunday he couldn't send it away to get tested thoroughly enough to say exactly what it was. The signs of the uti went away (frequently peeing, tingling sensation when bladder is emptying etc" but  then a few days later I started itching and everything got swollen down there so I stopped taking the antibiotics. Few days later did a swab vagisense from shoppers that will say if it's yeast or possible bacterial and it came back bacterial. So then I went to the clinic and told them and they did another urine sample that came back negative?? And I'm getting a lot of discharge again, and itching still and then I did another one of the home swabs and it came back negative for bacterial, so I'm thinking its just yeast? I was going to take that pill yesterday but forgot and because of this goop I'm hesitant to... Should I just take it and then if it goes away assume it was just a yeast infection?

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by krichar, Apr 19, 2015
Call your midwife and ask what you can take...

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by hansen20, Apr 20, 2015
I had that with all my previous pregnancies and I asked my doctor about it and they said it's ok, the mucus builds up fast. As long as you're not having contractions and pain and baby is doing fine and moving around like normal than you and baby should be fine.

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by ribaby15, Apr 21, 2015
I called my MW yesterday and she said to keep fluids up, rest as much as I can, and just kind of 'take it easy', but to not be alarmed. But then also stated if I were to miscarry, there's nothing they can do. Like, thanks, really reassuring :(

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by Hollus, Apr 27, 2015
I hate docs and health care workers some times!  They have no couth! I am sure your baby is well and healthy but I will continue praying for you and baby.

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