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getting ALT down

Jan 10, 2010 - 3 comments



alt decrease





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update: experiment continues, in an attempt to get off all the Rx's I was placed on during chemo my stagegy was 6 pronged.

Goal: to lower liver enzmes which shot up to 250 during relaspe.

1. wean slowly since some drugs were as addictive as heroin (ativan/oxy)
2. detox the liver
3. replace the drugs with natural non-toxic alternatives
4. increase cholesterol to protect the brain.
5. monitor sugars for Insulin resistance and remove Byetta if possible
6. Monitor HGH closely so as not to aggravate IR.

Method for each item.

1. slow withdrawal 1/4 reductions at a time each month (half dose landed me inER so go skow here. added physical therapy to mitigate pain.
2. added silymarin (milk thistle) to scrub liver and blood of these drug toxins and otheres
3. added melatonin to replace the Ambien, stepped up that dosage as I lowered the mabien dosage
4. raised my HDL considerably, to head off issues with remeron withdrawal which also was lowered in 1.4 dose increments. Overall cholesterol now 150, not 110 s before.
This increase has resulted in good cholesterol has mitigated the usual rebound depression seen in most patients coming off antidepressants.
5. Absent Interferon my IR has recended and BS is again controlled by diet alone making Byetta unnessary for the time being.
6. By settling for the lower end of normal (a 1/8 reduction in dose) has also helped return my BSugars to normal

Summary: Now on $2000.00 less drugs each month

Alt ast have gone from 250's to doube digit (90).... not a bad reduction.

must be doing something right.

The only draw back has been something neurological going on, not sure of the source yet, have 4 working theories and will run them by neurologist this week.

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by merryBe, Mar 16, 2010
update: completely off the 3 drugs for 3 months, alt ast now at 60/40.....down from 250/180
tremors subsiding slowly, now weaning myself off the requip which helped but causes bad headaches.

have added more anti-fibrotics to the mix, and am planning on starting a new weight loss program as soon as the tremors subside, assuming my c-reactive labs don't come back positive.

Bs's have return to normal, so minus interferon I'm no longer in type 2 diebetes,  IR territory.

233616 tn?1312787196
by merryBe, Jul 04, 2010
who hoo....alt and ast now in the normal column...I guess all these antifibrotics are doing something.

considering the bill, they should be!!  

I dropped my jaw when I saw the H missing from my behind my lab number!!!

also my ultrasound was better than a year ago....hmmm.  food 4 thought.

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by Tdglau1969, Oct 31, 2019
Sorry but melatonin metabolizes in the gut and is filtered by the liver before it ever makes it to the brain. In more than 11 double blind tests of melatonin it was only 2.2% effective. The CDC did a test and crushed melatonin to a fine powder and introduced it  Into the main artery leading to the brain. In both test the 30 member panels did not sleep any better with melatonin than they did without it. It’s a placebo. You cannot “scrub your liver,” with anything your liver, if you are healthy does it’s own scrubbing. That’s it’s job.  It is a proven fact that other than St Johns wort that even the most highest forms of the new age all natural craze in all reality only get about 3% absorbed by the body. Cod oil is shown to be highly effective for some forms of neurological disorders. But you will dismiss all these facts because the CDC is a government controlled institution. You believe that they are taking payoffs from big pharmaceutical companies. I bet your an antivaxxer also. Well when your child gets polio or rubella. Don’t cry about it. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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