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Jan 11, 2010 - 2 comments

Its 4:30am and I am still awake starting day 3 of my second Oxy withdrawal in 5 months.I havent slept since I started witdrawing,took trazadone,but no help.I am in so much pain right now I dont know if I can last it out.I am sick to my stomach,sweats and chills are back and the pain in my legs is unreal,plus RLS.
The only thing keeping me going is the support and strength I have been given by a very special person I have met on here.Dont want to let her down.

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by beatingthis, Jan 11, 2010
Hey Wolverine,

Hang in there. If were easy everybody would be clean. Just a thought don't ya think you should be doing this for you not someone else?
Take hot showers, advil, bananas, heating pad. Try to walk a little.

Really hanf tight!!


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by LateAugust, Jan 11, 2010
Hey Nick......    Will you do me a favor?  Please post on the addiction forum,  a lot of people there have experience and have gone thru the horrid w/d's ..  just as you have before, .... yeah I know that doesn't really make you feel a whole lot better....  and no one knows exactly how someone else feels,  but you need support addition to your family,  and there are so many people here  that will give you  support and encouragement.  For now, physically,  you can't get out to a meeting.....   I know you are hurting my friend, and I so wish I could do something to help you.  I will tell you tho  that all you are going thru right for your beautiful little girls  and the incredible woman you are married to....  and yes I do absolutely believe when it all hurts so bad and w/d is overwhelming, you may not care enough to do it for yourself....but I know you love enough to do this for your family..going thru this hell for yourself will come in a day or two ... but,    for now    don't forget those precious girls....   they need daddy  a whole lot more than you need a pill.   But you know what,  you do deserve a life without the addiction....  you are a good soul  and I pray for you stregnth and determination and the power to stay committed during a really dark time.

You are in my prayers and my thoughts.....  and please reach out just a bit on the addiction forum....  I just stumbled on your journal because of "friends activity" or whatever that page is....  journals are hard to find!  OR even to know to look for one :)    

I am sorry hun, yeah it is going to get harder before it gets better,  we never have bs'd each other and I have too much respect for you to start now......  you know I am here for you......  just whislte...

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