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wheres God in all this....

Jan 12, 2010 - 1 comments

God has been a huge part of my recovery....during my active addiction I walked away from the grace he gave me
and his deliverance of my addictions.....God never left me I left god...I had my reasons and to me they where good this point in life thew me a curve wife was stricken with cronic illness and was bed riden
for over 7 yr of her life...I had 4 kids under the age of 10 and need a mom to take care of them...I asked myself where was god in all this..after much prayer and time waiting I finely lost hope..and said to myself if this is the blessing ill take the already stated my addiction to pain pills was already out of kids where growing up
and where starting to have there own daughter at the age of 13 hit the streets as a crack/methamphetamine addict it wasent till she was 16 and got into a near fatal auto accident that I needed god
in a big way daughters diagnosis was she was going to be parlizes from the broken back she got in the accedent...first it was bone chips in her spinal cord...then it was that + the cord was crushed flat...on top of that there was a bruze the size of a grapfruit on the whole mess....any one of the 3 injury's was enough to paralyze her...
I need god to show up in the worst way...and he did thew much prayer and a miracle from god my daughter walks today..shes drug free and going on 21 now...god delivered me again and renewed my faith in him...once again
I started to put God first in my life and slowly things started to wife recovered...a miracle again
now it was my I sit with a huge addiction im told the longer your on and the higher you dose the worrst
it is to break free of...I need god once again and once again God was there to walk this whole thing out with me
although the road to recovery was ruff...God had my back thew the whole prossess ...each time I would hit a stumbling block ..I would have friends in the church pray over me and each time thew much prayer I would eventually get past the roadblock ....I was tearafied  of my final should have been severe but
with gods abundant grace I was given a withdrawal that was uncomfortable yes but very doable and nothing like
what I thought I had coming...god showed up I rely alot on gods abundant grace to keep my active addiction at bay..if your in withdrawals pray to Jesus he has much grace to give and at 3am he's all you got
ask him to help you and he will...prayer is a powerful weapon on the war of addiction and I dont think I could have done this without God showing give it a try pray with all your heart and see the abundant grace he freely gives those that ask of helped me beyond measure ....good luck and god bless.....Gnarly        

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by WantMyLifeBack2010, Mar 11, 2012
Hello My Friend!!!

Well you asked me last week ..."Have you ever even read any of my journals-- Read the one   titled wheres god in all this"  I just did  with tears flowing down my cheeks...

I know I have told you So many times What an Incredable Mentor you have become in my life thru my tapering off Methadone...and I have thanked you countless times for you sharing your story of your addictions with me, your feeings about God and how he has made EACH one of those ROADBLOCKS I read in your journal- he showed you HE WAS LISTENING and has been all your life!!!
HE came into the lives of your whole family and DELIVERED them with his grace, forgivness and ABUNDANT LOVE!!!
you have been a HUGE part of why I found my way back to God....You, with God leading the way have shown me how powerful his love is for all of his children....I am saved !!!

"I know with God all things are possible"...and I know after reading YOUR  journal ....just how TRUE those words are!!!

Thank you for allowing us to have a glimps into your better understand the life you lived & what you have been through yet God was there for you when you cried out....HELP ME I NEED YOU!!!
Makes you  EVEN more special to ME and SO many others you have saved from this deadly world of addiction!!

your sister in Jesus Christ...Your Friend through the power of our Lord and Savior!!
Thank you just doesn't seem enough but its what I have to offer,

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