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give up

Have thought about suicide so many times today. Feel so depressed. Can't be bothered to do anything... it took every ounce of strehgth I had just to get up and go for a shower. Still feel disgusting and repulsive. Even if I did reach my weight loss goal I'd still never be beautiful or amazing. I'd still just be pathetic. On my wedding day I can only see how depressed i'll still be while other women come and look drop dead gorgeous and amazing and be happy and smiling and I'll just be pathetic em. I'll still look like a whale in comparison to ross. i hate everything about me and how i look, think, feel, do things, say things, make others feel. I just honestly dont see the point of being around. Everyones lives would be so much more improved if i wasn't around. Found batteries for my scales. not lost weight. what the hell have i put in so much efort for if i camt even lose weight after eating healthier and exercising so much. im even useless at doing that. god i hate that i get like this.

Wedding Weight Watcher :)
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by LauriewithMAD, Jan 19, 2010
Hi Emma
I am so sorry you feel so depressed.
In my opinion....  I think you look  BEAUTIFUL!  I took a boo at your picture and I would love to have hair like that, and such a nice complexion....  I aint just saying that either.  I am serious.  And Obviously your fiancee thinks you are fabulous just the way you are!  In my opinion the only people that are pathetic are the people that judge others based on appearance, based on what society thinks is beautiful.  Society thinks Women should be thin, with a hour glass figure.  Perfect hair, make-up, what we wear....Everything.  Its everywhere we look, pictures of glamourous women.  Makes me sick.
I have never had and never will look like any of them.  And to be honest would never want to be like them anyway.  Many women like that are so full of themselves.  
I think you should think about what Ross sees in you.  I think that he sees the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.   I think he sees someone who makes him happy, makes him feel secure, loved, content.  Men dont fall in love with bodies, they fall in love with the person.  I hope that made sense.  
If need be, just ask him what he loves about you.  You'll probably be surprised,  Just remember....

Ross picked you for YOU.  No one else.  

Hope you cheer up......  One smile can brighten a day


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