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Two separate old room dreams

Jan 15, 2010 - 0 comments

Dreamed I was asleep in my room at the house in NJ.  Key problem.  It wasn't my house anymore.  someone else lived there.  But they weren't home.  But I knew they'd be back.  Somehow I was visiting NJ and I just set up in my room out of habit?  Woman came home, I thought she'd freak out.  But she was sanguine about it.  Said she had some of my mail.  Something important.  Somethign abotu health insurance (which I couldn;t care less about.)  I was more fascinated that her husband had a variety of skeleton miniatures.  A lot of sweet old RP and Grenadier stuff and things I also did not recognize.

Second dream was sort of the same.  I was sleeping in my room when a bunch of people came in.  I thoguht they were the new owners of the house.  I was liek all "I'm just packing up"  They were not the owners but looking for her.  They were like, assassins or something.  They threatened me in order to use me in their plans.  I agreed but while they were downstairs I was packing my bags up.  (trying to get all my stuff together) and intending to make a run for it.

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