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fired from Clearh20 pain manager. Dr. Louis Palermo

May 13, 2015 - 1 comments















cold turkey fentynyl oxycodone


Dr. Dumping patients

Today, I have no idea how long I am going to be so sick after having meds ripped away from me. I am so traumatized. I can not believe I trusted this doctor w/my life. I wanted to put him on my living will, of course, his appointment scheduler said you know he wld. prob do it for u, then she precedes to tell me a friend did the same and got in a car accident, I didn't have the heart. We are all humans, I considered this doc as a brother as well as the others that worked with him that seemed to be good Christians, they turned evil. If u have ms/gc. and have disease state, illness, urine does funny things! (ie:liver infiltrated, kidney probs. mass in pelvic area, 4massive wght loss fast), short list of some of my probs. Also, they used to ask you what narcotics u used in last 48 hours. Seeing that I still haven't gotten my letter stating I was fired, my mom called after speaking to our family attorney, pleaded with his recorder to call back but no Pam calls my mom back and says, oh she had diluadid in her urine previously.  Wrong! I get tested every six months. Why wouldn't they have told me then. Dr. Palermo even said he would put pain pump in. I got a loan but it took some time, so then his excuse was he wouldn't have time to follow me. Nothing about that drug test I took, that Pam said was bad. I made sure I took all my meds proper, including narcotics from shrink for every drug screen. I followed everything to a tee b/c I am not a drug diverter, not stupid, was married to a DEA agent for too many years to do anything stupid. I am very I know JC / GOD is always with me, I just don't understand the lesson I am going to learn from this, unless it is to have absolutely no quality of life. Labs have been sewed Dr as? well,my name is now ruined, I have lived here my entire life and now I will never find a doctor to even have a consult unless I sue. Ugh! I hate to do it but enough is enough. I know the truth. The court room says  "In God we trust!", I do.I can not lay here 24/7 in pain. I tried to explain all of my underlying disease processat evry visit. My whole spine is ruined, plus failed neck. surgery. W?hen I asked for a re for MRI to see how far that hasgone. it had been a
Few years since last MRI, I ended up with an epidural. At the time I didn't realize they where causing bad side effects and so when he final got it in (x-Ray used/), I said, Thank God, the Dr replied, your welcome! No Dr is God, they think they give and take life. Dr. Palermo took any chance of life outside of the house & now with no meds, if I die,, we will see who is God! I am ramble
g, have never had to worry about w/d. I refuse to go to hospital and will explain after some rest. I have been typing on my phone since 2a.m. but keep getting sick. If I am being redundant, I hope that will get better. if anyone else has been screwed by p.m. in Pinellas Country and u are not a drug diverter, I have a plan. Please praywill kick in soon. I am hurt & betrayed. I am a retired nurse. Let's help our bothers and sisters so we may have eternal life.  for me, if u believe. If anyone rea

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by Tuckamore, May 13, 2015
Lab test can be wrong as you know. They can be misread or the test itself can be faulty. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I encourage you to obtain all your records with this PMP, ASAP. Don't delay. As you know it's important.

My PMP actually changed laboratories after he began receiving too many false readings. He stated he had used the lab for several years and suddenly labs were returning "inaccurate" in his opinion. He trusted the patients that were failing the drug screens. Those kind of PMP are difficult to come by. He made them all retest at the new lab and all "passed."  Luckily I was not his patient when we was having issues with the lab. I have a feeling that may have happened in your case.

Don't give up. Call other PMPs. It will be difficult but you may find someone to take over your PM.

Hang in and best of Luck,


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