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GT3 Journey

May 17, 2015 - 0 comments

hep c









I'm a GT3 who was just recently put on Sovaldi (400mg) and Ribavirin (1200mg).  This is my first time ever treating.  Tonight I just took my 2nd Ribvarin dose to complete day 3.  I take 2 Ribavirin pills a day.  One in the AM and one in the PM and one Sovaldi a day.  So far I haven't felt any side affects but the medicine has only been in my system for 3 days.  I'll be taking the meds for 24 weeks.  Seems like a far way out but I'm sure it will go by quickly.  I'll keep updating my journal so that anyone who comes here looking for any information about this medicine, they can hopefully find an answer within my entries.  Wish me luck on my journey to slay this dragon for good.  

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