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July 1st :  CT scan Questions

Jul 01, 2008 - 2 comments

ct scan

I had a few questions that maybe people out there could have the answers too:

If I have a lot of pain is it more likely that the cyst is solid?

Has anyone ever had a reaction to the Iodine IV for a CT scan?

What does the ingested Iodine taste like?  Any tricks?

Will the doctor conducting the test be able to answer any questions during or after the test?

OK - Thursday is my test, so hopefully I can breath easier with the results.

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by kitonthemoon, Jul 01, 2008

I just had CT scan for my lungs, kidney, spleen etc.   There's no Iodine IV involved.  It is different if you have PETscan, than, you will have to fast before the procedure, also they will give you a radioactive IC shot prior to the procedure,.

I think you may want to get all your questions asked before the exam regarding preparing for the procedure, etc. etc. .....ask question after you get the test results.  I don't believe doctors do the procedure, it is usually done by technicians.  

Try not to worry too much......whatever is wrong already happened.  It is more important to know what's the test say and go from there.   Why stress yourself out now t, right?  If it is only minor problems, there's even less reason to get yourself all wined up like that.  

Lots and lots of luck, and my prayers are with you.

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by mama2sofi, Jul 01, 2008
I am actually feeling more relaxed because I am about to find out what is wrong as opposed to imagining what it is.  I am apprehensive about iodine in my blood - but i am willing to overcome that for the greater purpose.  I hope everything turns up normal or at least fixable.  I will keep this forum updated - thanks for your feedback!

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