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O'd early and crappy RE appointment

Jan 19, 2010 - 1 comments

Well I Od at cd 12 again this month.  Went for a U/S today at CD15.  RE told me that there was no sense in doing the US because I had already O'd.  This ticked me off because he is the one who made the appointment for me today knowing that it would be my CD15, and that I always O earlier than that. he said that he wd not be able to read my lining properly now because Ovulation changes how it looks.  I had wanted to have him double check that my eggs had actually been released.  Oh well.  What a bloody waste of time.  

At least I took the opportunity to ask him some questions.  Found out some interesting things:

a) my lining is not so thin that it couldnt sustain a pregnancy
b) the wait list for IVF is the same as IUI.  If I try IUI unseccessfully, then I must go back on the IVF waitlist.
c) RE thinks that our chances are greater with IVF, but the choice is ours if we want to go thru IUI first, or head straight to IVF

Requested that RE redo all my bloodwork.  The results that he has are from last March and April and I think that things could have changed in the past year.

Now its time to make some decisions.  Maybe we will win the lottery and we can head straight to IVF.  I bet if I talked to my mom she would "loan" us the money.  But that would mean filling her in on what we have been going through.  I like to seem tough, so im not sure i can share this with her,

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by Vero1125, Jan 20, 2010
GiGi............ I know you have some tough decisions to make and I know its hard to share this info with family because something you dont even understand whats happining yet and it seems like Infertility is something to feel shameful about but telling someone like your mom might help your situation in the longrun financially or emotionally who knows but tell her how you feel and that you want her to keep that to herself.  

what are you chances on iui or ivf.???  Have you tried calling ARC Fertility .. they told mw 3 cycles of iui with injectibles would cost me $4305. vs paying $1500 each cycle plus cost of medication or 1 cycle of ivf with 1 cylce of FET would cost me $11,787.50 plus cost of medication.   or try calling Fertility Lifeline 866-538-7879 they help you with one cycle of free meds if you qualify through their program called Compassionate Care.   Just some ideas...  I know this is frustrating  

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