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Life's challenges

Jan 19, 2010 - 6 comments

Too often I sit and whine about my own life: increased responsibilities in caring for my Mom, my daughter in the hospital (still) trying to keep her baby inside where it belongs for now, my youngest son struggling with some serious depression, my own fatigue and goofy heart things going on. And then I get the reminder that it could be worse.

Sunday we met with some friends as we do every 2 weeks. Found out one of our friends died unexpectedly that morning (he battled high blood pressure for years and had 2 kidney transplants), another friend went through hip surgery only to end up back in the hospital with a bowel blockage and then the scans show that she may have cancer in her lungs. Then another friend with cancer in his lower spine took a bad fall and fell (you guessed it) right on the part of the spine affected. Talk about a bad news day. Sure makes me thankful for the life I have.

I don't know if I can post a link here in a profile but I want to share the all too brief story of my friend who passed away. He accomplished so much more than this little article states. The lives he touched at our church over all the years he was with us can never be counted. I'll always miss that twinkle in his eye, the belly laughs and his big hand on my shoulder giving comfort.

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by gah_70, Jan 20, 2010
Sounds like the kind of person who made the most of his short years, even through his own struggles with his health.  It also sounds like you could use a break on all the bad news coming in.  Yes, it can always be worse, so I suppose being thankful it isn't is a pretty good way to look at things.  But, don't forget to take some time for you and allow yourself to deal with all that's on your plate.  It's good for the soul to decompress from time to time, and know you deserve to let your mind focus on something you enjoy even if for only a little while.  

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your friend.

Lots of hugs,

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by TrudieC, Jan 20, 2010
Irene, so sorry to hear of your friend.  I do not understand why we lose so many of the good ones so young.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers as well.

Love, Trudie

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by MargaritaLady, Sep 08, 2011
Dear Irene, I lost my grandmother recently who was everything to me, and this is the most painful about life losing people we love.

Hang on!

We are all in the same boat no one is safe, but we can make our lives beautiful by being there for each otherand helping ecah other!

I will pray for you!


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by DenTek, May 16, 2013
Sear Irene:

I hope you are doing well it's been a couple of years that your life was so painful and sad I hope you are taking care of yourself and living a great life.  Life is so short as we get older.  I myself had a bad health road and still struggling with my health but I do not let it get me down.  

Have a Great Day,

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by ireneo, May 16, 2013
Thank you Den Tek and all the others that offered words of encouragement. I can't say it got better after that last posting. Things got quite a bit worse but I won't go into all the details. Everyone has their own problems to face and fight. Let's just say I got through it and my health is improving, my emotional health is better and I'm thankful for what I have now. Not everything has turned out the way I expected but I have to let that go. Life is fine.


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by caregiver222, May 16, 2013
My condolances.

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