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Tectal Glioma treatment

May 26, 2015 - 3 comments

tectal glioma




brain tumor

It started with a major stabbing pain in my head which was unbearable an abnormal pain way worse than a headache.  I made it with help to the GP and collapsed there supposedly died for 7 minutes. I was bought around and sent to hospital by ambulance.. At the hospital they werent sure to send me to heart or neuro my wife said neuro and luckily thats where i went because time was limited.. I had a obstructive hydrocephalus and was sent to urgent brain surgery and had a neuroendoscopic third ventriclostomy. I have been monitored with mri since which the tumour is in the aquaduct next to brain stem.  Still growing for five years finally ran out of room. I kept putting off radiation or chemo. 12 months ago my wife found information about Maitake Mushrooms.  I got them sent from America and have been using for the last 12 months my last mri has shown a shrinkage of the tumour that had run out of room in the cavity 20 percent shrinkage. Its nothing less than a miracle.. I am now being monitored for the next 12 months to see if this is a pattern of shrinkage. I am putting this online in case someone is looking for something and i am sure this is working for me.. I had gp test my blood when i started then 3 months after to ensure liver function was not affected and it wasnt.  The tablets are Maitake fraction D 4x strength they are special mushrooms that boosts immunity system and attacks tumours. Oncology at the hospital will be writing up my case after results in one year are still good. Hoping this helps someone.  Russel Rankin

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by Colorgirl1996, Sep 28, 2016
I am a 38YO female with a Tectal Glioma. I was diagnosed two years ago after similar symptoms. I found some hope from your post. I am interested in knowing if your tumor has maintained the 20% shrinkage since your post last year. Are you still taking the Maitake Fraction D 4x? Also, what dosage did you take when you started it? Do you still feel positive about the benefits of the mushroom in reducing the tumor? Any negative side effects? I have searched the web and found minimal clinical data available for Maitake Mushrooms and tumor shrinkage. Any information that you have would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.

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by luckyrussel, Sep 30, 2016
Hi Cowgirl1996,
I hope everything is ok? I assume your tumor is benign.
Its been 2 years that I've been on the Maitake mushroom tablets. In the first 12 months of taking them the tumor shrank by 20% and then the second 12 month period it has remained unchanged (still 20% smaller).
I take 3 tablets in the morning and 3 at night, which is 240mg of Fraction D. I weigh 70kg.
We are positive that they have shrunken the tumor. There is only one side effect which is positive and that is it also lowers cholesterol. This has also been reported in the literature.
The research theory of the Maitake mushroom is that it contains a polysaccharide which stimulates the immune system to attack the tumor. I found lots of research papers on the effects of Maitake Mushroom.Here a link to one of the papers on the US National Library of Medicine website.
We are happy to email them direct if you like. My email is ***@****
I have had no operation, no radiation or chemo, only mushroom tablets. We also have an Excel spreadsheet which we use to track growth. Happy to share that as well. You can enter your own data.
By the way we get the mushroom tablets on-line from iHerb.
Wishing you all the best.
Russel & Annette

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by pdxsch, Jun 11, 2020
Hi Russel,
I know this is years later than your last post here. But I wanted to thank you for the valuable information and see how you are doing now.
I've been taking the Maitake D Fraction in liquid form the last few months in hopes of shrinking a tectal glioma myself.
I wondered if you are still taking the tablets or if you have stopped?
Give us an update when and if possible. Wishing you all the best.

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