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The Craziness Going on in My Body

May 29, 2015 - 0 comments







Multiple Sclerosis

I have had a chronic migraine for just shy of four years now. I have levels of pain from day to day but it's always there and I have learned to live with it. It's my new norm. The days I need medication to deal with it are much fewer than the days I don't. They did a couple of MRIs in my head; no brain tumor, but no explanation for the headache either.

In January I started having intense pain along one rib on my left side. The first thought everyone had was Shingles. It was not Shingles - no rash, no blisters, no skin issues of any kind. Within two weeks the surface pain turned to numbness which began to spread down the left side of my body all the way to my big toe. But the pain still existed, but below the surface. How could I be numb AND in pain. I felt like I was losing my mind. After a series of tests where the vampires at the clinic seemed to take almost all my blood, it turns out I was severely vitamin D and B6 deficit. I immediately started treatments to get these levels up and it seemed to help. The chronic numbness and pain are gone. I still get both of them, especially in my left leg & down the left side of my back when I walk any distance (meaning more than a block or two) or up step inclines, but it does dissipate after a while.

In February I started having another sensation which is difficult to accurately describe. If I sit for long periods of time or on a hard surface when I stand up to walk I had a weird electric, tingling sensation that made me feel like I might not have control over my left thigh muscles & I could fall when I walked. It would usually go away after a few steps. It was very unsettling but I never have fallen.

Over time the occupancy of the electric tingles started to become more frequent - I didn't have to sit for very long for them to happen. A few weeks ago they started happen periodically when I was walking. I had a lovely visit with my neurologist where he did sensation testing: vibration test, temperature test - can you feel the cold metal object touching you, and my favorite the pin prick - yes he was literally poking with a safety pin. Ouch. This resulted in him ordering another round with the clinic vampires, another MRI of my head & spine, and spinal tap - the big, giant needle shoved in your back, not the band. It's not pleasant or fun, especially when the lidocaine doesn't work & the hit a nerve. I don't recommend it.

On Saturday my neurologist call and it is now official that I have MS. Its not a surprise. I've kind of known it was coming for a while, but always hoped it would turn out to be something else.

It turns out that today (technically yesterday, May 27) is World MS Day. Who knew? There have been a flurry of posts about MS today and I came across one that very deeply resonated with me - "50 Shades of MS Pain." With the exception of having to use device for mobility, she is very accurately describing the craziness which is going on in my body. It was such a HUGE relief to know that I am not losing my mind - at least as far as this is concerned.

Here is a link to that article. they also have a really good one on MS Fatigue, but that's another story.

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