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Benign Results; what now?

May 30, 2015 - 0 comments



thyroid nodule




complex nodule



An MRI incidental finding of a complex nodule in the right love of my thyroid occurred on May 12, 2015.
Since that time, an ultrasound confirmed a predominantly solid, hypervascular, heterogeneous nodule
measuring 11 x 7 x 14mm. Follow-up FNA biopsy was performed on May 27, 2015, revealing benign results.
I do not trust these results because I know that some cancers can only be found post surgery with biopsy of the whole thyroid. Plus, I just feel like something is wrong. I have a sore throat a lot. I've been losing hair for the past couple of months. I am fatigued often and have headaches almost daily. These symptoms could be completely unrelated as I have read that most people have no symptoms with thyroid nodules or even cancer. Having a family history of breast cancer is enough to concern me with any possible threat of cancer. I am not ok with the medical community's wait and see approach to thyroid nodules. It's a tumor. I want it out of my body.

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