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dr visit

Jul 02, 2008 - 1 comments

Saw Dr. W yesterday. Added 2 more meds. Bontril for energy, (also weight loss I hope) and potassium tablets. Been low for a year now. Poor diet I guess. Ordered MRI of lumbar spine, should have been done in April along with cervical and thoracic. Saw ENT dr.all set for surgery Aug 13th. But..also talked about allergy shots. He got on phone to insurance, and got immediate authorization to start shots. So as of Thurs, I will be getting a shot a week, just what I wanted. I really wonder what our earlier ancestors did? Did they get all this stuff? Did they treat it? I know life span shorter, but not so sure that's all bad. Am seriously thinking about just quitting dr's and not doing anything.....they certainley can't do anything to stop the pain, or cure fibro. Oh well, tomorrow is another day..

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by Heather3418, Jul 02, 2008
It seems our earlier ancestors, which I consider my grandparents day; (that were born in the late 1880's) seemed to live a pretty long time, even without the advances in medicine we have today.  If MS were really something that dates back century's (and of course not known as MS back then) how did these poor people get by without drugs for their fatigue, drugs for their pain or something we consider common place, like disease modifying drugs?  I can't imagine the pain they endured. In all aspects, of all diseases.  It boogles my mind to even think about it.  My heart goes out to them.  Especially people that endured ravaging infections with no antibiotics to take.

I DO know about the pain you speak of sweetheart.  It never goes totally away.  I am one of those sufferers, but I am very grateful that I live in the year 2008, where at least there are many drugs available to me, to make life a little more bearable.

I am so glad to hear Dr. W is getting the lumbar spine MRI done and something for energy and your potassium.  The allergy shots that hope to offer you some needed relief, are a big plus.  Now aren't you glad you DO live in an era that offers us drugs like that?

Hang in there honey.  I know that you are frustrated.  As long as all of us on the Forum stick together, we always have a soft shoulder to lean on.  May I offer you mine?

Big Hugs,

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