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10 mg Antipsychotic

Jun 01, 2015 - 0 comments

i went to 10 mg today as directed by dr. and that is suppose to continue & well be adding lamotrigine & ritalin on next appt, which is the 9th i believe. so about a week.
the abilify has been great in calming down myemotions and mood fluctuations... not 100% at 5 mg... but maybe closer to 100% with the 5 mg increase to 10. id say the 5 mg helped me calm down 50% & this 10 will probably help 75 - 100 % lets hope. i have felt an increase in appetite which blows and makes me want to stop but im gonna keep complying at least until next visit wit dr.
also ive been taking 50mg trazodone...theis combo has mad me need less sleep, feel refreshed after only a few hours, increased v igilance, and joy....its been good. hopefully the mg increase benefits me moreeeeee

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