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More pain!!

Jul 02, 2008 - 1 comments

Neck pain we go.  I went into the Surgeon today that did my initial surgery on my neck (herniated disc), he did an x-ray and discovered that the staple did NOT move (thank God).  He isn't sure what is causing the pain in my neck and into my left shoulder or the numbing and tingling in my left hand from the fingertips to the elbow....the next EMG.  I get to go on the 8th at 8:45am to have this test done.  They will take long needles, place them inside my muscles and send electrical currents into the muscles to see what is happening.  I have seen this test performed on Ted when he was electrocuted at work.  He has no feeling in his left arm...I have feeling so I know this test will be uncomfortable but I am willing to have this done so MAYBE we can get to the bottom of what is going on with me and they can get this pain under control again.  They have me taking Lortab 5/500 mg for the pain...they want me to go on Prednisone again but after the last incident with them, I am not gonna get this one filled.

OK - Just wanted to fill everyone in on what is happening.  Will write more after the test on the 8th to keep everyone informed.

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by shortcake1215, Jul 12, 2008
Hi Rosie,
I really hope they get to the bottom of why your having pain and that your feeling better really soon you've been through quite an ordeal.

I'm doing pretty good, drove for the first time today after my ACDF surgery, just got done going through darvocet withdrawal glad's that's over, if you ever have to go through that get some muscle relaxer's or sedative will help with the withdrawal big time.

I had the nerve test you mentioned here, what helped me was not looking at them putting the needles in and I just looked outside the window and focused on that.

I hope your well soon!

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