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July 2nd: Called CTC of America

Jul 02, 2008 - 1 comments

I saw a commercial for CTC and wondered what they did for people who were uninsured - so the guy said that if you are uninsured you need $125,000 down with $50,000 in reserves at all times.  Wow - compare that to free treatment in other countrys and then tell me we live in the best place in the world.  Everyone is left to fend for themselves here regardless of reasons... and this would be why we are more likely to die younger than in other countries - we are a greedy country who believes in the all-mighty dollar.  Sure, good doctors, but if you cant pay to see them then what good are they really?

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by msjazz, Jul 02, 2008
I heard, but don't know personally, that CTA wants paid upfront, and then they file insurance. That turned me against them, the other huge centers file insurance first. I really don't think they can cure someone that a major center can't. I lady I know was told ,about another cancer she had, by MDA and local cancer doctors she was not treatable. She went to LA to Cedar Sinai, and they told her they could, but there was a dr. in Nashville near her. He was at the Sarah Cannon ctr, she has been in remission 7 yrs. I believe it is a good dr., and will and strength to fight.

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