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in the beginning...

Jan 22, 2010 - 0 comments











could I be pregnant?

Well im pregnant again, hooray! Very scared each time i go to the loo that ive miscarried again, was so hard to get over last time. Still its been a year, and im sure that is enough time to recover physically and mentally. Im 5 weeks, and apparently the doc said this is the time i lost it last time, only i didnt officially accept it until 12 weeks. I bled small amounts but there was no pain, no life, no way of knowing it wasnt just a period. The doc said it would be ok as long as i had no pain, so when i got to 11 weeks and getting fed up with stop and start bleeding, i went to a+e, id miscarried weeks ago as my urine was negative, i was in shock, id given her a name, in my head she was real, my baby girl, she was the splitting image of her big brother Dylan who was 6 at the time. The whole family was upset, and i got quite depressed.
Now its different, i feel sick and have heartburn, i have little twingy pains that are crampy but disapear immidiatly. I had those pains when i was pregnant with my son, and i took ibruprofen coz i didnt know i was pregnant! Hes a bouncing 6 year old, 7 next week! Im hoping all the signs are good, and so far no bleeding!

fingers crossed!

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