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Itchy bumbs on the bottom of my foot

Jun 08, 2015 - 0 comments










It started about three years ago when I first moved to Missouri (I'm originally from Washington). My mom had always been really cheap, so when the school I was going to required me to have shoes for p.e, she insisted on getting them from the thrift store. When the itchiness had started, my mom gave me athletes foot spray. I used this spray for just over a year, but the itchiness never went away it just dwindled down. So I gave up on that.

By now, my foot (its only my right btw) is really dry, to the point of almost cracking. I lotion my foot whenever possible to avoid the uncomfortableness, but it doesn't seem to get any better. So I start thinking, maybe it's dry dead skin that's making it itchy. I buy a pumice stone and follow the directions i found online to get rid of the dead skin. It does not work.

My boyfriend then suggests I try Cortizone-10, maximum strength. It also does not work (except psychologically. Rubbing it in and massasing/scratching it helps me calm down and better deal with the itchiness). My foot becomes super itchy to the point of being unbearable when I get too hot, and/or my foot is sweaty. It only happens on my right foot though, my left one is perfectly fine. When I started using the Cortizone-10, I noticed the bumps, but only because I finally decided to examine my foot to try and figure out why it was so itchy (I have a foot phobia), and because while applying the ointment, I felt bumps. The bumps are underneath the skin, the biggest one is smaller than my pinkie-finger nail, they are the source of the itchiness and also hurt slightly when being scratched. The bumps are on the ball of my foot (the area between the arch and my toes, right?), but the itchiness is all around the ball of my foot but also travels up to my toes.

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