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Noticed a few strange things this morning...

Jun 12, 2015 - 1 comments









Noticed my hair has been on my clothes, bed and in the shower drain as if I'm losing my hair.  Also, when I cut my nails I noticed they are brittle and have large ridges in them (never seen my nails like that before).

Seem to be hungry all the time lately, even after breakfast my body wants more like it's not realizing that I just ate.  

I've known that I've had temperature problems but my feet were very cold this morning, and yesterday even though it's was 85 outside I wasn't sweating at all even with a long t-shirt and jeans on.  

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by jamesebenthin, Jun 18, 2015
06-18-15 Can't sleep, headaches in the middle of the night keep waking me up.  Weight gain continues, lower half of body seems to be cold.  Seem to be hungry all the time, bowel movements have slowed down a lot.  My eyes are really bothering me lately, like there itchy-- no much different than when I had pink eye.  

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