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One year Later!

Jan 24, 2010 - 4 comments

Well, it has been a year from the time I started treatment for TY cancer and started going through my divorce from my husband of 13 years. I lost everything in the divorce because I was just too out of it to do anything about it. I now take 11 pills a day to keep me functioning. I moved from WA to Fl. to live with my son who has helped me a lot but I feel bad because this was not his mess to clean up. I found a job so that has helped me help my son pay the bills. I go back to the oncologist next month. It appears that the TY cancer has decided to take up residence in my Lymp' never ends...It is amazing how your life can turn UPSIDE down with just one visit to the doctors. Now that I have made it through the worst part " I think" maybe I can help others. I have been off line for a while just trying to heal myself.....

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by aheart, Jan 24, 2010
bluestarmom187,  Congrats to a real survivor in so many ways. I hope you are giving yourself credit for your strenght. I don't know what TY cancer is, is that thyroid? What a beautiful place to move to though, loads of people would love to retire there! Of course you didn't plan to be quite so close to your son at this time your lives but what a blessing it is that you get this time together. We never know what path our lives will take in this journey. Your much better off with your family who loves you dearly, and he is probably very happy to do this for you. I know what you mean by "what one trip to the doctor can turn your life upside down" Where in Fl are you located, are you close to the ocean at all? I just went through a friend having breast cancer, and it had gone into her lymph nodes, twenty-five years ago that would have been like a death sentence, but in todays tx, no problem, they got it all and she has a clean bill of health today. Welcome back, and the rest of your life story will be a good one! Take care and God bless-aheart

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by margypops, Jan 24, 2010
I echo what aheart has said you are a winner, to come through this Trauma ,I am sure you will continue down the same road I can hear the positiveness in your words , indeed you can help others , it is the reason most of us are here we can hear stories like our own and pass along information and help /comfort to folks needing it ..good luck ,you deserve it ..Marg.

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by TinyBubbles54, Sep 21, 2010
Would you go through it again?  I saw your other post about how you might die, and that post led me to this one.  I haven't been diagnosed yet (ultrasound scheduled, to be followed by needle biopsy -- and the lump is bigger than it was two weeks ago), but not sure what I will do if this thing turns out to be thyroid cancer.  No money, no family to help me through it, and I would like to know what to expect if it does turn out to be cancer and is left untreated.

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by missesv, Feb 19, 2011
  I am so glad you decided to fight it, I felt very sad when reading your post about your thoughts of dying. My mom has a hyperactive thyroid and is scared to death to go to the doctor. I have tried everything to get her to go-she went to a doctor I recommended but did not want to do the thyroid scan because she is afraid to take radioactive iodine. Hospitals and doctors make her nervous, all she wants to do is try natural medicine and pray to God for healing. Her hands shake uncontrollably, she is loosing hair and has lost 40+ lbs. I am very upset and depressed and have no idea what I can do to help her, she will not listen to me no matter how much I beg her to get treatment.
  I could never put a price on my mother's life, she means the world to me. I would do anything, pay anything-even give up my own arm if it would ensure her a long healthy life. Money means nothing to me, she is far, far more important then any hospital cost. I am certain your son would agree with me, mothers are priceless and so very loved and special.
  Thank you for choosing to fight, I hope that you are still fighting!

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