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a Good Day

Jan 26, 2010 - 2 comments

Today I finally did not feel tired, first time in a very long time!

I was able to start working on a flash based Game that I have been wanting to code for a while. I am hoping that tomorrow I will wake up, and I will have the same energy span as in today.

I can't tell what tomorrow will be bring as I can only deal with things one day at a time, and today was a good day`-`

I am thinking that if I continue to thing positive, believing that everything will works out, which I truly believe then it will!

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338734 tn?1377160168
by IAmTheWalrus, Mar 11, 2010
Been away for a while. Hope you were able to find a support group in Hawaii.

1185591 tn?1264648444
by flashDude, Mar 17, 2010
Hi, I have not been well. seems like since I came back from the East Coast in February and have been drained. I am seeing the doctor on the 23rd, and I hope to finally start the treatment. I hope that afterwords I will start to feel better.

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