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Jun 21, 2015 - 3 comments

leaky gut









Today I'm starting to drink Apple Cider Vinegar (1 tbsp. mixed in a glass of water) for my gas/gut problem. It feels weird tbh. my doctor before told me to stay away from acidic foods because my stomach was acidic. But I didn't feel any burning (?) sensation like I used to when I drink coffee. My bowel have changed too, last week when my gas was terrible it was sort of a soft, yellowish type...and I could see that some of the food were not properly digested. Now, my bowel is firm. But it comes out really thin, like there was something blocking the rectum and there are some bowels left. I tried examining it myself and felt a big lump inside I think its between the rectal and vaginal wall. My doctor before had advised me to have upper and lower endoscopy because my ultrasound tests from before had shown negative signs of any problem. Its quite expensive so I didnt go. And now I'm scared, what if this lump I'm feeling that is blocking my bowel is actually inside my vaginal wall, and would be a part of a more serious problem. I don't know what to do. School has just started and I don't have time to take a break and focus on medications. I already stopped for a whole year yet nothing has changed. It's really embarrassing, that sometimes I would have to skip a class just because my assigned seat is in front. And students behind me are complaining because of the foul smell. I feel like an outcast. I couldn't study properly and I have to avoid literally everyone including my friends to save me from embarassment. I couldn't sit still for an hour let alone my 3 hour class, or even go to the library. Even the librarian complains and sprays air freshener in my direction. If anyone is reading this or sees this, please talk to me how I /could solve this problem. I feel relief that there are a lot like me who are struggling in their daily life. Email me @ ***@****

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by dds216, Jul 09, 2015
     I would recommend buying shreddies flatulence filtering underwear online. The activated carbon cloth is suppose to keep the fart from smelling. I bought 2 and wear them at the same time bc it works better than 1. It doesn't block every fart but it still blocks some. I was able to tell it sort of worked bc one time I forgot to wear them at school and the store and I would smell a strong gassy smell so often and I knew it was me. And also someone would always comment about the smell in the car when no one usually comments when I do wear them. (I can't always smell my gas but even I smelled something when I wasn't wearing them while in the car). I can't go anywhere w/o them. They're quite expensive but I think it's worth it bc although I still have a lot of bad gassy smells, there is a less amount of them while wearing them. What this does a good job blocking is leaky gas for me.

      I hope you understand I'm saying it has not worked 100% and that there has not been a single Oder wearing them. Because there has. But I noticed a difference. You can buy them on amazon.

     What helps me as well is drinking celestial's seasonings lemon zinger tea I was told the cinnamon apple spice helps better from another fellow user on this site.

     Also how's that apple cider vinegar working out for you? I'd love to know. I found things to help my problem but I still struggle with excessive flatulence.

Hope you don't give up Best of luck to you

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by mirou10, Sep 04, 2015
I don't know how I can purchase that since I'm not in the U.S. and the shipping might be expensive... Drinking tea makes me feel worse idk if it's because of my ulcer... even if I drink green tea or peppermint tea... I still have flatulence even if I cut out meat and dairy from my diet..

Everyday is basically a struggle for's really hard living with this condition..

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by Kecaph, Aug 11, 2016
Have you tried tums or some antacid pills: Bean-O. I hope the cider vinegar is working for you. For me the antacid pill works in stopping gas. I also drink diet coke, it help settle my stomach and stops the gas. The B vitamins will help for your bowel; Vitamin B 6, 12, and 1.

This is not a cure just a suggestion.

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