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July 3rd: Pelvic CT scan today

Jul 03, 2008 - 2 comments

ct scan

Today I went for my pelvic CT scan... not too bad, but it was nerve racking since I've never had it done before.  Also, I am not a fan of needles but even more so things going INTO my body - very skeptical of the drug companies, but everything went smooth.  I should have my results on or before Tuesday - I'm a little nervous, but the scan is at least over and an answer is coming soon.  The technician basically refused to comment on what she saw except she did say she didnt see anything large or obvious - hopefully that is a good sign.

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by mindy1956, Jul 03, 2008
I get CT scans of the pelvis & abdomen every 6 months & the technician isn't supposed to give you any results or they could lose their license. The Dr who ordered the test will tell you the results when you see him or her next.
Good luck with whatever it is you needed the scan for.

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by mama2sofi, Jul 03, 2008
Thanks - yes, she was very much quiet most of the time... I was hoping for some comments, but I'd rather hear what it is from my doctor.  I just hope they dont call me - I want to drop my daughter off and be with someone supportive if  it is bad news.

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