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14dpo + bfn

Jan 30, 2010 - 2 comments

Well i'm 14dpo and bfn.  Not sure why the acu would have got my hopes up like that.  I know he firmly believed that I was pregnant, but i bet all the water that i have been drinking has changed the way my pulse feels - more water = more blood in veins = change to pulse.  i am disappointed, but in my heart rather expected this.

On the bright side i will be able to drink as many margaritas as i want when we go away next month.

Darn.  I was so hoping for some good news for the  family.  In addition to prostate cancer, they have found spots on DH's dads lungs and he is going for a biopsy on his throat.  Please, please, please God, let this work for us soon, I so want Paddy to be a grandpa before he passes away!

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by melon3, Jan 30, 2010
Oh, Im so sorry to hear the dreaded AF reared her head again and your poor father in law. Thats awful. My gran died of cancer last year. It's an awful thing to watch people that you love and care about go like that. My thoughts are with your family.
On the bright side you go for it girl and drowned yourself in those margaritas!!!! Have one for me too!!!

Take care



640534 tn?1326779311
by Vero1125, Feb 01, 2010
I'm sorry to hear that .. I know the feeling when it rains it poors!! I'll keep u in my prayers!

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