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finaly in 9th month

Jan 30, 2010 - 1 comments

yay....i m in ninth month now..waiting for this month  since long...i m excited that at this time if my baby arrive she  will be healthy.i want her to to come after 37 week....i m little scared too.not little in fact a lot...i even had a dreams like i m in pain,or i m delivering baby..i m nervous...Allah give me strength.. amen..

with the end of 8th month i m feeling weakness,dizziness,fatigue, exhausted.n emotional too..i m taking small meals n liquid diet also...but nothing reduces my weakness..i m unable to sit and speak for long.....ahhh...
baby movement is good n enjoying it a hurt my ribs  but i love it
no wt gain since 1 month....70 kg till now...
next appointment is on wed 3rd feb....i have a weekly appointment with the dr..scared of internal examination

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by Aleen217, Feb 02, 2010
WOOOHOOO!!!! 9 months!! I will be 29 weeks tomorrow. I am enjoying this experience so much. I am glad we got to do this together. I can't wait to see pictures of you little girl. Did you pick out a name yet? I am also very nervous for delivery. I think its more anticipation then anything else. Stay positive and keep praying! We'll be just fine :) Take Care!

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