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Moving to Alaska, any members from there??

Jan 30, 2010 - 6 comments

Im going to be going to Alaska for a few months to work, Im really excited about this and wonder if there are any members from there??

Would love some info about the area and all that!!!


Jen xx

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784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Feb 01, 2010
alaska is amazing!!..what part are you going to??... i went for 2 weeks the only hard part was the 24 hours light...that will throw you off alot!

676032 tn?1315674063
by Jennifer1987, Feb 01, 2010
So far all I know is Im going to Anchorage, but will know for def friday week.... ya heard it bright nearly all the time.. Hmmm, il need those eye covers, not sure what there called lol!!!!

Im really looking forward to it but bit nervous at the same time!!!!!

940642 tn?1336063511
by j7653, Feb 01, 2010
That sound amazing to me too!  Dont be nervous.  I have a friend that lived in Alaska for many years (on and off).  He loved it and was a good, normal guy.  Anyway, it's in a America so it's a nice stable country with laws, hospitals, English speaking people, etc...

I hope you like REAL MEN and plenty of them.  The ratio is good for you, as there are many more men than women there.


676032 tn?1315674063
by Jennifer1987, Feb 01, 2010
Iv been told that by many people..... Looking forward to it lol........ Ya il be fine, just excited now....

Thanks J

Jen x

1168160 tn?1268765017
by elsa8000, Feb 01, 2010
Hi Jennifer - I live here in Alaska and if you are going to Anchorage you will have a wonderful time - there is a lot to see and do.  The sunlight situation isn't as bad in Anchorage as it is up North from Fairbanks on.  If you are here during the summer months or spring months you can take several day drives to see some amazing sights.  I hope you have a wonderful time!!

676032 tn?1315674063
by Jennifer1987, Feb 01, 2010
Ya, im thinking about reanting a car while Im over there!! its great to finally here from someone from Alaska lol...... Im so excited about it all!!

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