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Carpal tunnel

Jul 05, 2008 - 2 comments

This week, my GP diagnosed me with carpal tunnel syndrome. Today I found reference to hypothyroidism contributing to carpal tunnel. I asked for new TSH levels, so I'm interested in seeing those results.

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by NYNY2020, Feb 27, 2009
I also developed carpal tunnel from hypothyroidism!! My TSH is in the "normal range" now but I still have a mild (or milder)case of carpal tunnel. It definitely improved as my TSH number came down!! But it hasn't completely gone away. No other reason for the carpal tunnel other than thyroid disorder! I've had a variety of neurological tests and also been to orthopedist, and also had lots of blood labs. Hypothyroid can definitely trigger carpal tunnel. But so can other things, so make sure your MD done blood labs, etc. Good luck.

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by dai3symae, Feb 27, 2009
I had carpal tunnel before I was officially dx'd with hypo and had surgery to fix it.  At the time, I had no idea that hypo could cause CT.  The good news is....I've had no further problems since the surgery.

You're smart to get your lab results.  I now get a copy of everything and keep it in a file.

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