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Bad test results abound!

Jan 31, 2010 - 1 comments



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Bad test results abound, which is kinda strange, cause i'm a pretty good learner, and did well in school. Haha. funny. So anyway, the most recent test I failed was an external abdominal ultrasound. I've been complaining for almost 5 of pain on the lower left section of my abdomen-The Drs run tests-and nothing abnormal. Well this time, the external U/S says I need a "physical" exam as well as one of those invasive, gross feeling, condom covered probes used to do an internal U/S. Great, eh? The external u/s showed my L. ovary is 6cm x 1.5cm. lay 6 cigarettes together side by side, and that's about 6cm.

Oh, and I may have already mentioned, but i failed an Upper Endoscopy, too...duodenitis, barett's disease, stomach inflammation...and here i have been all these years thinking it was simple heartburn. The pictures (color) that the GI Dr showed me after the EGD were sickening. I liken it to skateboarders' "road rash". Ugh.

Aight, Y'all keep well. BFN

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by IAmTheWalrus, Feb 02, 2010
Sounds fun. I had one of those internal ultrasounds but they rammed it down my throat! Didn't seem like they even used lubricant let alone a condome! :-O

Diagnosis is the first step to a cure. Good luck.

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