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Last Chemo Treatment / Radio Therapy

Feb 01, 2010 - 0 comments





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Tomorrow is my last chemotherapy treatment and I so am not going to miss the horrible side effects of it...
it feels like forever that I have been going for chemotherapy, although it has been only every 3 weeks since
December 1st.  

I had an assessment for Radio Therapy with my Radio Oncologist a few weeks ago, and he said that he was
surprised that I only have 4 chemo treatments, he said that he was certain when he was discussing my cancer
treatments with my Oncologist that I was in for 6 treatments of chemo, go figure?  So when I go in for chemo
tomorrow, I am going to approach my Oncologist and ask why only 4 chemo treatments and also tell him what
my Radio Oncologist had to say.

The strange thing too about my Oncologist, whenever I have gone in for chemo, and he makes his rounds and
comes around to check out my chart, he does not give me much of a chance to talk and discuss my side effects
of the previous treatment and the recent side effects I know for a fact have been from the steriods, as it is, I already
am prescribed by him to take 'dexamethasone'  2 tablets twice daily the day before on the day of chemo and the day
afterwards (also on the day of chemo he gives me 5 extra dexamethasone and he started this on the second treatment
of chemo - because of my severe side effect from the first chemo treatment) .    However the side effect from the
dexamethasone have not been that great and I know for a fact it is from this steroid and I do not feel that the Oncologist
believes it is from the steroid...  hmmmm

The dexamethasone is causing allot of bloating / swelling in my stomach area, left ankle only and also my face is really bloated it is quite obvious you can see it and I have gained 8 pounds really obvious...      wonder how easy it is gonna be to get the bloated look outta my face and to rid the effect of the steroid once the chemo is over with?

Radio Therapy -

I start Radio Therapy approx March 1 and it will be 21 sessions over 6 weeks.
When I had an assessment with the Radio Oncologist, he mentioned that one of the side effects was possible lung damage, any body that reads my journal here - ever had Radio Therapy and got lung damage and what kind of lung damage and how did you know you had lung damage...

So looking forward to my cancer treatments being over with and back on the road to recovery and getting my life back if there is such thing?


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