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Ask Dr. Park Your Question About Sleep Apnea Surgery

Feb 02, 2010 - 5 comments

Please join me as I host another Ask Dr. Park teletraining program on "What You MUST Know About Sleep Apnea Surgery."

Topic:  "What You MUST Know About Sleep Apnea Surgery"
Date:    Tuesday,  February 9th, 2010
Time:   8PM Eastern

I get inundated with questions about surgery all the time, and I thought it was time I spoke my mind about this controversial subject. To ask me your question and to register for this event, go to the link below:


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by ousridhar, Feb 11, 2010
sir i am working in a software company daily i am working 9-10 hours with computer i have an eye
allergy problem. i am used ciplex eye drops but it was not i control please send me an solution

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by abeyphilip, Feb 13, 2010
my dad had 5 episodes of seizure like activity starting may 2009 while asleep,the last one a week ago. his eyes were open, face and limbs rigid, and was not breathing. i positioned him on his side and performed head tilt and chin lift. this allowed some secretion to flow out of his mouth and very slowly he regained respiration. immediately he falls into deep sleep and cannot be waken up for at least 15 minutes. after his first episode he was hospitalized and EEG,ECG, CT of head and neck and MRI were performed to find everything normal. He is 55 years old, and otherwise healthy. If it is seizure or epilepsy, why does it happen only while asleep? he at times instantly falls asleep during day time which lead me to doubt sleep apnoea..if so how would he become unconscious and never have any memory of such an incident? can anyone help me identify the disorder as the doctors still focus on seizure. he used to be on levitrazepam (keppra).....

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by aye12345, Feb 14, 2010
Dear Dr. Park,

My 6 years old daughter has a kissing tonsils. And because of that she was been snoring since she was 3 years old until now. The doctor said that we need to remove the tonsil of our daughter since it is affecting her growth because she is under weight, hyperactive and it may lead to heart enlargement which is the cause of her snoring problem. My wife and I are in doubt about the surgery to remove the tonsil of my daughter since there are cases that leads to other complications and even cancer after the operation. Aside from that my daughter is still very young to undergo such surgery.

My question is, do we really need to remove the tonsil of my daughter? Please help us decide.

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by sue12193, Feb 14, 2010
i need help with this ear problem i've gone to ent dr's for the past year had numerous medications cat scan's and still no relief from the crackling and popping in my right ear all of the ent dr's said i have to go to the university of pa because they don't know what to do anymore nothing helps.
my question is can anyone help?

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by gabby9140, Feb 14, 2010
I hope you can help me ,  my wife bangs her head while sleeping.  she just recently  started complaining about restless leggs . We dont have insurance . any sugestions would be appreciated

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