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keep moving forward

Jul 06, 2008 - 0 comments

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I had so many things come against me last week....disruptancies that messed with my plans.  Wed everything was a go for me to start on the Suboxone..I had 2 ladies from Church who were driving me and staying with me while I wait for my two dose....Wednesday the office mngr of my doc's office called asking me if I knew Suboxone was not covered by my drug plan...she said it would cost between 300 - 400 and there was no point starting if I didn't hve the money to continue...By wednesday I was in some w/d and I got scared...wouldn't have taken much to put me over the side.  So I thought no I can't afford that much, so my appointment got cancelled....I called my provincial drug coverage, and the reason it wasn't covered was that it hadn't yet been approved, it is that new in they said to call my Income Assistance orker to see if they would cover if it has been denied by insurance it it dened for them to look at it.  I finally got to explain it had not been denied it had not been lookied at...they told me get a letter from my docotr tothe insurance company and the letter backfrom them and take bothin then my worker can go to the one above her and tehy can make a decision......then the office manager told me before the doctor can send in a letter reuquesting covereage I need to be prescibed it.......a week like this.....enough to make me crazy.....the weed through this and that....I'm not good at this kind of stuff anyore..../friday I saw my doctor and he said he could send the letter first.....then when I mentioned the expense he said it's not that much....and I told him waht the office manager had said....the last figure she quoted me was $450.....he said it would be 150/month...something I couldhandle until the coverage came it just frustraged me to much that the mistake of one person can mess up my plans it had taken me dasy to arrange....then I had just the worst experience Friday night......His office is two hours away from where I I didn't get out of there unitl 5:30 and it did a bit of shopping and when I'm driving  home I think gee I have to hurry or I'll miss the drugstore.....Most are open till 9pm but I remember hearingsomething that mine is closing at 8 from now it was 7:45 and it could be 20 mins till I got I first pass through a little town called Bridgetown and they have the same type of drugstore so i thought I'll stop there as it looked open....I went in and asked when annapolis was open to and the pharamcist said 8...then she started accusing me ofkinds of things.....I've had some past bad experiences iwth her, butn othing like Friday night.....she accused me of using multiple doctors, f=dugstove, and she said she wouldn't touch the presription with a ten foot pole, and startd to write on it....I said stop it and she said I shoud put a big X though the whole thing....and was threatening me with keeing it....She called the other drugstore implying something was was awful....there were many people around, and i was mortified...really....all her accusatins were not true.....SHE WAS POWER TRIPPING....especially about keeping the prescription.......I was dumbfounded......I left so angry....the other drugstore was closed by the time I got to that I drove home seeting with anger....the prescription was for my regular ms contin not the suboxone as I had blown my w/d time re the cost thing....  So Sat morning I drove to my regular drugstosre with the was marked up by the pharmacist from  the night before....and the pharmacist that was on was new so she was weary of the prescription, and because ot was her the other called the evening before she said seh would fill it until she spoke ot he doctor.....Thank God my doctor was workign Saturaday...normallyhe doesnt....she called his ofice but he wouldn't take her call....he was on by himself and it was non stop patients...he wouldn't call to the end of the day which was 1:00.....this is standard practice to make his calls I had to wait from 9 until 1:30 to get my prescription.....I was suppose to have it the nigh before and the moring so I was feeling edgy to begin what do I do.....What I'm not suppose to and what I have had control over ......i binged.....yep....I was so angry I took3 pills instead of one.....I had planned so much gardening for the day....I had been keeping myself piositive, but I felt so drained, and thought other people who have a certain amount of power force themselvs inot a private matter and muck it all up........I've contacted by e.mail the ownres of the drugstore, my Friday night experience and told them I'm coming in to see them abouta Maria's treatment ofme and her accussatons made in pubilc....This has really thrown me off.....I was so ready, I barely ever abuse, but this is jsut the kind of thing to happen tomake me do it.....I'm going to see this through, charge her.....if this was aan isolated case that would be chalked up to a bad mood, but I have been treated so badly by her several times, and now this is the last......This week was full of stuff like this......Like everything that had power over me got to is too much so then I do the most stupid thing by taking extra pills....all it di dwas knock me our and I fell asleep......I didn't get one thing done yesterday that I planned on....I'm so upset by today I feel crumby by taking too many pills yesterday......I'm definelty getting a new drugstore....I ahd gone to the one because of convenience....closer to driving to wehn I come bck from seeing my doctors.....but now I need  new one...fresh start.....but the irony is my Chruch is in Bridgetown, and I'm selling my house and wanted to move to Bridgetown, and that is where the Friday night problem happened.....I belive she should loose her job.....really if yoi knew how she ahs treated me and becsuse Iam an empathy, I'm only to be mistrusted.....enough is I missed church this morinng, and I have t meet the owners of hte other drugstore at 1:00.....I'm going to Walmart to get a recorder in case she is there and teh Owners hav not shown up yet....I just sent them an elmail this moring........You know I'm a Christian and I do believe in teh dark side....that when you want to improve everything will get in your way to prevent it.....that is what this feels like and it feels like I'm really going to have to cover myself in prayer.....

I'm so exhausted by all this stupid addiction has cost me......I never would have thought last week I would hve abused....I also believe that what other speak over  you has her saing those things had an impact on me.....I feel really badly now....very tired.....wasted the whole weekend over this.....

hope veryone else is doing better.  


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