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Going to see about our next step...

Feb 05, 2010 - 2 comments

Well, my doctor is squeezing my DH and I in at 10:00 am to see about a new game plan.  I'm super excited to see what we come up with and I hope whatever it is will work out for us.  I have really been thinking a lot about IUI; however, I'm not sure if they will jump that far yet.  This will be the first time we sit and talk about what can be wrong with me and not about what can be wrong with DH.  We are going to go over his SA results and the U/S he had as well.  I have created a notebook documenting every cycle since my m/c in August to take with us as well.  I really, really hope we get a lot accomplished and get even closer to our BFP.  I'm so excited and nervous at the same time.  I keep telling myself that the doctor works for me and I need to go in and put my foot down and tell him what I want; however, I usually end up being way to timid and not speaking my mind completely.  Hopefully this time I can do what I'm going in to do!!  Wish us luck...only 2 more days!!

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by LandM2009, Feb 03, 2010
I wish I could go with you I would tell them what you need!! I'm good like that! I was the one who negotiated on both my car and my husbands. Good luck!! he works for you!

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by 1angelbabyM, Feb 05, 2010
Well I went to the doctor today.  We decided that on about 6-8 DPO I'm going to have more blood work done to see if I have a low progesterone.  I did have it when I miscarried; however, he want to see if that is why we are having issues.  It could be that my progesterone was low when I was pregnant before but if I have low progesterone to begin with, that could be why we miscarried.  He wants to test for like 15 different things.  He told me to up my B-6 and gave me a bunch of DHA samples he wants me to take before pregnancy as well as during and to get in 1000mg og calcium daily to help.  If we do not have our BFP by May, he wants to start me on Clomed to give me better and stronger ovulation.  If nothing still then in June we will do the dye test and in July if nothing we will go to and RE for our first round of IUI.  He really believes that we can do it on our own and he does not think anything is wrong with me.  He went over DH's SA results and said that they wernt great; however, they are not that bad and that we shouldn't worry about that.  So all in all, I feel good about everything and I really hope everything happens so we do not have to go through all of that.  Hoping at my Valentines day Ovulation gives us a little bean!!

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