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19 weeks!!!

Feb 03, 2010 - 0 comments

I started this new prenatal called Expecta which I love!! I have been sick the last two days:( This weather is crazy! Warm the cold I hate it! I have enough energy to not take naps but not enought energy to finsih things or really do what I want to do. I am having crazy dreams too. Henry gets hiccups like every time I eat and at night so far. I kicks up a storm and squirms around so I can feel his little body against my belly. IT almost feels like a contraction when he does that but it is only in the spot he is at so I know it isn't. I am getting the mattress and changing pad this weekend and I decided to have my shower before so I can ahve pictures of me and my belly in it:) Just bored to death right now.

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