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God's Miracles

Jul 07, 2008 - 2 comments


Today is a good day! I am feeling pretty good. One week ago today my 4 children and my nephew were in a terrible car accident. My 20 yr. old son swerved to miss a dog and lost control. The car flipped about 5 times, went down the highway upside down then landed in a canal. I thank God He was with them, protecting them, they all walked away from the accident with minor injuries. No one had to be hospitalized or worse. I spent the day swimming with my boys and topping off a great day, we went and had pizza and just enjoyed being a family. God does give us miracles in our daily life and we are so thankful for our miracle!

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by April2, Jul 07, 2008
I know how you feel! My son was in a bad car accident a couple of years ago in his senior year of high school. He was taking him and his sister to school and was going through an intersection when a lady tried to turn left in front of  him and t-boned him. He had the green light. She was ticketed because she didn't yield to him. He called me from his cell phone sounding pretty shaky but said they were ok. I went down to the accident scene thinking it was probably a fender bender. I was shocked when I got there to see his car. It was totaled! He couldn't open his door so he crawled out his window. There was glass shattered all over the place and all over him and his sister yet they didn't have a scratch on them! His car was an older car and didn't have airbags. As we were standing there waiting to talk to the police a friend drove by and offered to take my daughter to school. Some of my son's friends came down to the accident scene. (It was just down the road from their school). One offered to hold my 2 year old so I could talk to the police. They all stayed with my son and hugged him, etc. I asked if they wouldn't get in trouble for being late to school and they said no. They just wanted to be there for him. I was touched by how caring his friends acted. So much for people saying how bad teenagers are! When I saw that my son was still kinda shaky, I offered to take him and his friends to breakfast at the Denny's that was right there on the corner. I knew he needed time to settle down before going to school. We all had a nice breakfast. He and his sister insisted they didn't need to go to the hospital to get checked out, that they were ok. I did let them go to school and then picked them up and took them to the hospital anyway, just for my peace of mind. They both checked out ok.
I was amazed that they weren't hurt at all. You know what was really weird? Since we only live about 2 miles from their high school my daughter told me later that she didn't buckle up right away. (I know, she knew better!) She figured that they were so near the school that she just didn't do it that day. Well, she told me later that she heard a voice in her head that said to buckle up! So she did. That was right before the accident! It just gives me shivers. If she hadn't buckled up, she would have been thrown through the windshield. I told both of my kids that's why I pray every time they get into a car. I always pray angels around them. I believe angels were with them that day.

I'm glad your kids were ok! God is good! And I think the prayers of a mother can be powerful! God bless you and your family.

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by Lalasoto, Jul 07, 2008
Thank you April2 for sharing your story. Wow its unbelievable how similar our encounters are. We too thought the accident was a fender bender, we got more info as we were on our way to the scene. We were all coming back from our family reunion about 40 min. from home. The boys left ahead of us. My 75 yr. old mother was going to drive with them, thank God she didn't. My two older boys had to climb out of the passenger window, pry open the back door and get my other 2 children and my nephew out of the back seat. If they had my mom with them they probably wouldn't have been able to help her out of the car as the front doors wouldn't open and I can't see her climbing out of a window into the canal.  
Isn't it great to see people so loving and caring. The boys accident was on an old hwy with soft shoulders. Someone called 911 when they saw the boys and two other cars stopped to help them. Some gave them something to drink and the others happened to have clothes they were giving away to a thrift store in their car. The boys were soaked and muddy from being in the canal. they gave them dry clothes to put on. I thank God for sending those "Angels on Earth" to be with our boys. A bunch of our family drove to the accident to be with all of us thankfully. The paramedics released our boys saying they didn't need to go to the hospital unless we felt they should. We too took them the next day just for our peace of mind. I too pray every time my boys go somewhere, I pray that God protects them with the blood of His lamb and keeps them safe. I pray their Guardian Angels be with them always.
What a great testimony you have to how good our God is. I thank God your kids were okay as well.
Its funny because all day after the accident  I kept hearing "How powerful are a mother's prayers"
Thanks so much for sharing with me.

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