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16 weeks

Feb 06, 2010 - 1 comments

Still suffering from a lot of nausea. Having dizzy spells on and off especially 2hrs or more after eating. Showing nicely now, into maternity shorts but still managing with larger sized normal tops.

Finding out on the 3rd March what sex the baby is, and have a strong feeling that it is a boy... Guess we will see soon enough (3 weeks away). Probably won't announce here or at home though, have convinced hubby that surprising everyone will be fun!

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by Romy155, Feb 07, 2010
Try eating small amounts of carb and protein, eg crackers and peanut butter when you feel dizzy, or drink some orange juice and eat an ounce of cheese.  Maybe your baby is taking so much of your nutrition you're getting some low blood sugars.  It was many years ago for me, but I had the same symptoms.  I didn't feel hungry, but eating a bit helped.  Congratulations!

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