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oops, I found out

Feb 08, 2010 - 0 comments

I accidentally saw the other day what CD it was, and I know today its CD 28.  Signs the ***** is on her way have definitely been cropping up: bloated like mad, crazy appetite, breaking out like a kid, and did I say eating like I have no limit?  I'm doing real bad with carbs lately.  And its making me fat.  I gotta get into better shape.  Eat my vegetables again, jog or get a bike...and stop stressing--my thumbs are bloody stumps again, the insides of my cheeks worn's not good.  So I will sleep tonight planning on a better future.  A healthier future.  It is all I can do.  moping or biting my thumbs or eating bread and oil, these things get me nowhere.  Really--where do they get me?  Is it anywhere I really want to be?  No. So then, I rest tonight, dreaming of color schemes for my bedroom, a bfp, chickens and a garden.  Before which I must see the end of my thesis.  Gotta get that sucker done.  But tonight, I need to rest.  Long day, and too much cheese--it's time to take responsibility for my health.  ANyway, boobs are sore, been have sex fairly regularly, been bloated, etc etc--just to fill in the empty chart...

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