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July 2015
I have been mostly free of any WPW syptoms over the past few years. I get minor palpitations sometimes, but no more dizziness or major episodes. On July 10, 2015 I went to a differnet Dr as mine had no availiable appointments. I went because of ongoing stomach problems. The Dr looked at my history. During the routine checks he noticed that I had a fast heart rate. I laughed and said it would just be because I was nervous about being at the Drs. But he said he thought that it was too fast for that and sent me for an ECG. He said my heart rate was 140 which really didn't bother me as it used to go way higher than that. By the time the ECG gear was all set up my heart rate was back to normal and the readings were fine.
I still get frightened if I feel palppitations or a faster heart beat but I check my pulse and it goes away quickly.

18th July,2015
After a few weeks of feeling unwell, mostly fatigue, aches and stomach discomfort, I had sharp pain in my stomach in the early hours.. This later migrated to my gut, in the form of sharp periodic cramps.and I had no appetite, although Icontinued to eat a little.
I suspected gastro virus and had some peppermint tea which usually helps with tummy cramping, but it didn't have any effect.
I spent the day mostly lying on the sofa. The pain remained but became a bit less intense or maybe I got used to it. I also developed an ache in my lower right side.
Sunday was much the same except that I took my husband to the airport to fly off to work in another city, so was mostly alone.
My son and daughter-in-law live in a selcontained flat in the ground floor part of our home.
On Monday I rang work to say that I was sick and wouldn't be coming in.
By now the most troubling syptom was the aching side whic turned to sharp pain if I bent. Getting my sock on the right foot was almost impossible but I eventually manged.
I already had a Dr's appointment for 2.40pm that day, so I went at that time. My Dr said she thought that I had appendicitis and sent me to the Hospital with a letter. I left my car at the Dr's and my son drove me to the hospital. (About an hour after I contacted him)
My Drs diagnosis was confirmed by the tests at the hospital, which included a scan.
I was admitted to a ward that night and had my retrocecal appendix removed by laproscopic surgery on Tuesday afternoon.

I made sure the Drs knew about my WPW history. I had no heart problems during my stay.
I had some fear of WPW symptoms returning.
I had acute nausea and vomiting on Wednesday after lunch and had a panic attack due to thinking it was a bout of WPW problems. (It was similar to when I used to feel faint) An excellent Dr came and sat with me. She calmly and logically helped me to believe that my WPW was fixed and that I didn't need to worry about it any more. Then to reassure me she ordered an ECG which was fine.
After that I focused on my appendectomy recovery.
Now Day 5 after surgery and the pain is fading. I am more mobile every day. I'm looking foward to walking further and building up my fitness again.
After speaking with the hospital Dr I feel confident that I won't have WPW problems.

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