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Broken-Hearted over a drunk

Jul 27, 2015 - 2 comments

My drunk boyfriend broke up with me. The funny thing is I was going to break up with him but then he drew me back in - just so he could break my heart. He did the whole "lets just be friends" routine. How insulting. I'm better than this. I deserve better than a drunken fool. I deserve better than to be lied to and used just for sex. Or do I? I'm stupid. No one wants me. Employers don't want me. Men want me for sex but they don't want ME. I'm considered a *****. But in reality, if men behaved the way I do, it wouldn't be a problem. Why does everyone attack me at the core? Maybe there IS something wrong with me.

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by questionsx200, Jul 28, 2015
I don't know you but I think you will be fine. I'm sure of it. heartbreak takes time, but you'll be okay soon.

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by nemofromsydney, Jul 29, 2015
Break ups are never really easy, especially when you are not the one breaking it off. I have very hard times with break ups. I know when im in a relationship i feel a lot better, i think when you're in love your endorphins are high, its like an all natural anti depressant for me and when it abruptly ends it puts me into a kind of shock and makes me feel aweful about myself. you will be ok, it takes some time. just think that you guys were not meant to be and keep believing that there is somebody great out there that is perfect for you, that loves you for you. you have to go through relationships to find the right one. you wont find your dream guy right away but your time will come, you just have to keep your chin up and be positive and be you. relationships are trial and error, theyre like clothing- you have to try a few things on til you find the right fit. it takes time, and unfortunately a few heartbreaks- you gotta go through some rotten apples to find a good one-you'll be ok. if you think its necessary, and need someone to talk to besides friends/family. try a therapist to vent too. or i just use my dog now! pets are good therapy-good luck-chin up!

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