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Still wondering about dose

Feb 12, 2010 - 0 comments

I've now been on 75µg L-Thyroxine for 2 weeks, and before that 50µg for 5 weeks.

Body temperature seems better, and my energy level is improving, although far from normal. The constipation is as bad as ever: if I don't take Movicol, nothing happens regardless of what I eat, drink or how much I try to exercise. My mood is also rather depressed, with anxious and negative thoughts.

I increased my dose myself up to 75µg because I knew that the thyroxine was helping, but not enough. I'll give the 75µg 5 weeks and if I'm still constipated, tired and depressed I'll start on 100µg.  

I've taken myself of the Calcium-channel blocker due to the extreme fatigue and nasty feeling it caused. I'm monitoring my BP closely with a machine I bought and on day 3 of stopping the calcium-channel blocker, my BP is mostly within range except for yesterday evening before dinner when it was 138/95. I take the beta-blocker at night still. My pulse has settled nicely, and only varies now between 65-89 whereas before it varied from 52-98. It does still thump away and is visible in my neck (my husband sometimes comments on it) but is generally less poundy than it was.

So, when I go back to the doctor I'll have to explain about taking a higher dose, but I expect they'll understand. I sincerely hope so anyway, as so far they've been great. I've always set my asthma med dose according to symptoms, and feel happy doing it that way. Blood tests can be useful, but I think how you feel is the most accurate indicator.

Till next time!


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