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1 1/3 years post treatment.

Aug 03, 2015 - 0 comments

Long time since I have visited MH. I am back..., to see how things are going with the new meds and to see how my friends are doing. As far as me, well I truly thought I had gotten past this phase of my life. Cleared the virus, finally felt well enough to go to work. And get my life back together. Wrong, went to work for a packaging company and work like a mad man for 15 weeks, 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Yep 84 hours a week MANDATORY. But I did it, working as hard as those a 1/3 my age.
Work so hard they trained me to run the packing machine, and I did it! Learned from a couple guys that don't even speak the language. And although it was becoming evident to those around me and I wasn't paying attention, I was deteriorating. Losing weight and my whole focus was my job and excelling in it. So I got injured on May 5th. The night of the big fight. My assistant, because she had gotten drunk at lunch time walking into a piece of the machine and knocked it off, subsequently it swang down and caught my elbow (65<+ lbs). I thought nothing of it. Figured it would heal by itself. The joke is on me, it impact caused Tennis Elbow? At first I laughed it off, fast forward 12 weeks go to my PCP and ask why it seems all joints are being sympathetic to my elbow (deferred pain)? No such thing. In truth I am feeling my years, oh yeah, and the side effect of the interferon may still be lingering. So back on tramadol and gabapentein. I tried, but my body just does not want to cooperate for any length of time.    

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