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Feb 12, 2010 - 9 comments

Thyroid Cancer




papillary carcinoma





My Endo called me today and said my biopsy results came back Postive for *Papillary Carcinoma* She is referring me to see a surgeon for a complete thyroidectomy. I don't really know what to think right now. I'm still in a state of shock I believe. I know that this is the "better" of the thyroid cancers. But still, that word scares me. I'm quite nervous about the surgery... It just seems like when it rains, it pours. My boyfriend lost his job last week, now I get diagnosed with cancer... it's almost too much. I know I'll get over it but sometimes it's just so hard to stay strong when it feels like everything around you is falling apart...including yourself.

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by novdove, Feb 12, 2010
Im so sorry bad is it? I hate to sit her &tell you that everything will work itself out because just yesterday you all were telling me that and I was all in my negative mode not really accepting all your positive thoughts...but I do believe things will get better!  I cant relate but I do have my little background in health and all and surgery should be nothing to be scared of. If it`s going to make things better you should accept it with arms wide open. And just keep smiling and sorrounding yourself with the people that love you! I wish I was there beside you. Love you girlfriend ;)

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by TamraW, Feb 13, 2010
Justihasabooboo on this forum had the surgery for the same thing a few months ago. You may want to friend her and ask her advice. You will make it, but you will have some bumps along the way. The key is to focus on your future and how much better you will be feeling this time next year. I'm sending good karma your way.


:) Tamra

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by LauriewithMAD, Feb 13, 2010
Oh Gosh sorry to hear about your cancer!  Oh my gosh!!!  I sure hope all goes well for you...... I will pray for you, that you will be in good hands, and come through your surgery safe and sound.
Your friend

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by kspitzke, Feb 19, 2010
I dont know were you live or who you are I just ran across your post.  I was diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma about 3 weeks ago, I have gone through 2 surgerys within 2 wk and still going through the process.  I would recomend finding a surgeon who does the surgery using the Davincci Robot system.  If you are in AZ or Texas you are in luck.  My surgeon Dr. Fransisco Rodriguez does it and one other in Texas.  I believe thats it for the U.S.  It is a new approach I was actually my surgeons 1st patient with my dx (using the Davincci) but he has been removing thyroid ca for years.  The best part of this surgery is there is no neck incision.  The surgery goes though an incison in your arm pit.  I hear the neck scars are not nice.  You should check it out.  I dont want to bother you to much I know this is a rough time it has been a rollercoaster for me and Im still not done.  If you get this and want more info or to just want to talk/email someone going through the same thing you can contact me at ***@****
Im just a normal mother, wife, kindergarten teacher whos life was turnned upside down.  The best advice I can give you is do as much research as you can.  I have learned allot just sitting on the comp.  great website
Good luck

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by DianaLozano, Feb 19, 2010
Thanks All-

The surgeon my Endo referred me to is on Vacation. They want me to see him because he specializes in Thyroid Cancers / Thyroid removal surgery and also teaches at UCLA. I have an appointment with him on March 1st. But I am calling everyday for cancelations. The worst is the constant sore throat and hoarseness I have. I will just be glad when it's all over. I'm not looking forward to the RAI. Does anyone know if I can't be around pets?

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by Justi_has_a_booboo, Feb 19, 2010
Sorry :( you want to be away from your pets after RAI too. I posted my misadventures in RAI on my page if you want to see some of the restrictions I was given. Depending on your dose, is how long you would refrain from contact with pets, people, children etc..

I just had my full body scan today and they were blown away at how clean my thyroid bed was. The nuclear medicine doctor was so impressed, he asked for the name of my surgeon. My surgeon is amazing. He is from UCSD Cancer center and specializes in parathyroid cancer, as well as other cancers involving the thyroid. I did extensive research before hand picking him to do my surgery. In my opinion, at UCSD the nuclear medicine department is lacking (RAI treatment), but the thyroid cancer center is separate from them....and they exceeded my expectations in care and treatment.

Good luck and I hope all goes well for you,

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by DianaLozano, Feb 21, 2010
I work in my hospitals Radiology / Nuclear Medicine department. (Check in, prep and scheduling) - However Nuclear Medicine is the one area of Radiology I don't know much about. I can tell you all you need to know about xrays, MRI's, CT scans and Ultrasounds! Nuc-Med...not so much! But I do know the Doctors and Techs pretty well here. They are really great. I feel confident in having my treatment done here with them. I just want to get this all over with already. If my surgeon wasn't so highly recommended I would have no problem seeing anyone else, but they feel it would be more beneficial for me to see him. He also specializes in all Thyroid Cancers as well as Parathyroid cancer.

I am loving your RAI university blogs. They are fantastic! I am trying to be as positive and humorous as I can about the whole situation :)

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by Justi_has_a_booboo, Feb 21, 2010
I am so glad you have such a unique, and wonderful support situation through your work of all places! (I'm sure other places too, but wow how cool that you work where you can find help, and support on your path to getting healed!)

Thanks for liking my insane ramblings LOL they are very therapeutic for me:) It took me weeks to find this forum, and then longer to find someone in "my" situation. It took so long, that I decided I would blog my way through this in the hopes of leaving a somewhat humorous trail of information, and a little oddball perspective, for others to follow on their journey.

I hope you don't mind me checking in from time to time on your journey. I've had you added into my prayers :) My daughter is just a year younger than you. Now I tell her and her friends, know your thyroid like you know your Ta-Ta's. Once a month self check your breasts and your thyroid.

As Utah Momma said when she welcomed me to RAI University: "We are the few, We are the proud, We glow in the dark!"

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by utahmomma, Feb 21, 2010

I'm sorry about your diagnosis but you'll be in good company here.  March 1st isn't too far away and a good surgeon is the key to a great outcome.  Hopefully it's all contained and you don't have to join RAI University.  :-)

Please keep us posted and if you have any specific questions, I'm just a message away (I'm not always on the forum).

Take care

papillary carcinoma '03, second surgery '04, recurrence and RAI '06
three sisters with papillary carcinoma; another with precancer; daughter with precancer

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