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may deliver early?!

Feb 12, 2010 - 0 comments






Well I got my us of my cervix it was 3.8 which it was 4 last time. But it is not funneling so that is good. Henry was kicking away feet down all over the place during the us:) I did good on weight and am still under the normal so I am happy! By belly grew at 20 weeks like over night and is nice and round! I will be checked closely and Dr. baker thinks I wil lnot go on time and will start solestone shots to develope the lungs at 26 weeks. I guess I am OK with that I ahve had them with the last two. I think I need to research it though! I will not be getting the glucose test as I feel it is not as accurate as eating taking finger ***** then takign it an hour later. THat is what Ina May Gaskin does! I have no signs of trouble either so I feel safe not getting it. They ask for to much I think nad they never even measured me nore checked his heartrate !!!! Was not happy about that!

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