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Created a Cause and it is gaining steam very pleased!

Feb 16, 2010 - 2 comments

Facebook Cause


Pain Management Crisis


prescription drug abuse





I have a FB page and a after I was accused of prescription drug abuse I got to thinking about my medhelp family and thought about all the horror stories I have heard from my family on this site. A few weeks ago I myself faced this doctor who refused to give me my prescription for pain medication. She believed that I was abusing the prescription she wanted  me to see a PM dr. Which would be fine but I already have one who has stated he only prescribes the drug that helps to make the pain meds last longer. He contacted the doctors office a year a go and explained this and even put it in writing. She overlooked all of this and disclosed my information to my mother and expressed that I should have 23 pills and  I had 18. Well it hurt me and  I cried a lot because I had  been with this practice for eight years. Never ever have I had this problem, but the  dr that use to prescribe my medication left the practice and you  know when someone leaves they always say they should not have done this or that until they are gone! I had to write a letter  to the office manager explaining my case in detail and expressing to her that it says I can take 1 or 2 pain pills every 4 to 6 hours  I was given 50 I was  taking five a day. Which meant that I had more then I should have had even took my pills into the office and showed them. Well they forced the dr to write the script no apology from her. She in turn went to everyone in the practice and expressed that none of the other dr's should treat me unless I went to see a PM she had selected. The PM she selected does not deal with my medical condition so this was also expressed in a letter. That I also needed follow up care for Pneumonia not another script I ended up back at the hospital for tachycardia it was a mess! While in the hospital a really good friend of mine who knows me well created a cause for me on Face book. It is called the National Pain Management Crisis/Kidney Disease within a 2 week period we have 110 members and growing. Some are healthy and others are not they have lupus, kidney  disease or other issues. What we are trying to do is to be heard at a congressional hearing to get some changes made for people that are suffering. Anyone that is on Face book please email me and I will tell you where to locate the cause on FB. I have also in turn asked people to come and join  Med help because this site is a great resource for people that have all kinds of illness's. Three weeks after the doctor treated me like this she called me. Only because I fought back!  I filed a complaint with my insurance carrier and also filed a complaint with HIPAA for violating my privacy and sharing my information with others without my permission. I also stated in my letter that I would take urine and blood test to prove I am not abusing any drugs period. Well the response from everywhere has been incredible. I have since found a PCP that is resolving all my issues and doing a mighty good job. The doctor that contacted me after the letters  were written by me to the practice owner and other places I do not feel the need  to speak with her ever because there is  nothing she could say that will change the great amount of pain  she and some of the staff inflicted upon me. I know at some point I will have to forgive not for them but  for me but today is not that day.  But I will say whenever there is  a negative thing going on there is always a way to change it for the better! And I am pleased by all the support if you are interested in the cause  again please email me!! We are really doing something wonderful and I am proud to be apart of  something that may help a lot of people! Much Love To You All Charbie

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405614 tn?1329144114
by Fluffysmom, Feb 16, 2010
Wow, what a lot you've been going through!  I'm so glad that you're getting it all resolved, have a new PCP that is doing such a good job.  And what a project you're involved in!  Cool!

I'm one of those people that fought back, too, and it made me feel better, and got quite a bit accomplished; I even had my complaint followed up on by the Office for Civil Rights.  I heard no more after that, but now that I have a great new neurologist and life is moving on, it doesn't matter as much.  Of course, mine was about a doctor failing to diagnose, disclosing records to the wrong doctor, etc.,and now I'm diagnosed and being treated I am working on letting that all go.  I felt like writing to that former neurologist and letting her know that she was wrong, but I didn't.

I'm not on Face Book, so I can't join your cause that way, but I do agree that we all deserve to have compassionate management of our pain.  I thought that it was already in place, but I have heard that not all doctor's had gotten the message.  I have an informed consent letter with my PCP, stating that I will only get pain medication from her.  I just pretty much get all medication from her, which really helps keep things organized so no one prescribes something that doesn't work well with something else.  My new neuro wants to prescribe some medications, but he keeps in close contact with my PCP, and my PCP follows up with me often, so I'm in a good space.

You are awesome!

351724 tn?1267537018
by 2Young4This31, Feb 17, 2010
omgg that is horrable .. i am glad you are fighting cause i know some ppl will just let it go . i do have a facebook  and would love to join your cause to help fight with you ! alot of ppl out there need to take a stand like you are doing or these doctors will just walk all over them ! its amazing how doctors are suspose to be caring ppl when in fact some are just down right rude ! they are only thinking of there next big pay and there fancy cars and houses ! when in fact they should be thinking of ppl . that is there job .Anyways i wish you the best of luck and hope you get well soon !

I myself am sick i dunno if its a cold or what but i know my rib cage feels like someone used it for a punching bag , my nose runs one day and then the next its dry . i have a cough that sometimes is dry or sounds like im gargling .i also have this lump on my left side of my ribcage at the bottom base doc said its a cartilage build up and hasnt said anything more about it . ive been having pains on and off with it for the last 3 yrs it radiates from the front to side and back all on the left side of the rib cage . i know awhile back i had a bad upper resp infection which my doc misdiag. me with possable copd or asthma . but it was just an infection with bronch. ntm i get alot of uti for the last 10 yrs just got over a bad one a cpl of wks ago . and now like i said i have a cold of some sort .  he tested me for diabetis and high cholestral which thank god both came back ok . plus when i had the uti he did a cat scan on me to see if i had a kidney stone which he didnt find anything . except a 2cm cyst on my right ovary . thing is im wondering would he have seen this thing on my ribcage the cartilage build up? i try not to take meds i just dont like them . he did prescribe me flexiral for this but it didnt help and i did call the nurse and she said she will pass along a note to my doc but havent heard anything more . that was a cpl of wks ago also . im about to just give up on docs cause i feel as though they get no where with you unless it sticks out like a sore thumb  or its to late ! im figuring since i have been dealing with it for the last 3 yrs on my own why not just deal with it for the rest of my life on my own !!!! well i have went on and on about self ....... Again i hope you take good care of yourself and good luck with your cause ! keep in touch hun  .... 2 young  .. aka.. nikki

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